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Featured Label: Sun Valley Mustard, Food & Jar Labels

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Sun Valley Mustard Spicy-Sweet jar labels
Spicey-Sweet, the flagship flavor of Sun Valley Mustard

Modest Beginnings

Sun Valley, Idaho is a small resort city with fewer than 2,000 permanent residents, but there’s definitely something very special about the region. Bald Mountain, for instance, is considered one of the better ski mountains in the world. Ernest Hemingway was a part-time resident for more than twenty years. Marilyn Monroe was a frequent visitor. Celebrities have often used Sun Valley as a seasonal home or yearly getaway, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many others.

Sun Valley, Idaho, Bald Mountain, Baldy
Bald Mountain, a.k.a “Baldy”

It was nearly three decades ago in this storied area when the seed of a successful gourmet mustard company was planted.Armed with a 50 year-old recipe and her determination, Lois Allison, a.k.a. The Mustard Lady, founded the company in her single-car garage in 1984. Six years later, she sold the company she had named Sun Valley Mustard, and it’s since grown into a purveyor of world famous, award-winning, hand-crafted artisan mustards.

Ambitious Ownership

Company owner Joshua Wells brings a dizzyingly diverse background to the company. The former coffee shop owner and photography studio founder has worked for U.S. Senators drafting legislation on Capitol Hill, studied law, managed intellectual property and worked as a Commercial Real Estate Advisor. Currently serving as President of the Board of Directors for the Building Materials Thrift Store, he has also volunteered with several non-profit environmental and conservancy associations in Utah. With hobbies like skiing, fly fishing, mountain biking, trail running and photography, he’s right at home in scenic Sun Valley, which he’s called home since 2001.

Gourmet mustard food labels
Six delectable, award-winning flavors

A Bald-Faced Redesign

Last year, the company’s entire product line went through a packaging redesign. In order to better represent the company’s roots, Joshua directed a refresh of the labels (which had featured a generic graphic of unidentifiable mountains) to include the iconic face of Bald Mountain, the main ski hill in the area and a unique mountain with topography unlike any in the world. The Bald Mountain image is predominately displayed on every jar of mustard the company sells, with distinctly colored backgrounds to easily differentiate flavors on the store shelf.The label redesign, according to Joshua, has been a “raging success”. Customers love the new design, and it won the Gold Medal for Design at the 2012 World Wide Mustard Championships – despite a last minute entry.

“If you look at mustards in your local grocery store, you will see that most of them look the same. Our mustard really stands out from the crowd,” Joshua tells us. “A big thanks to Advanced Labels on their help with layout, design, and production. We couldn’t be happier.”

Under Joshua’s direction, business has been brisk. With the label redesign, entry into new markets, and targeted efforts in advertising, sales and marketing, Sun Valley Mustard doubled their annual sales in 2012. Not content with the company’s success, Joshua believes, “2013 is a pivotal year for Sun Valley Mustard. We have ambitions for regional and national sales. We’re also working on new products that we should announce in the first quarter of 2013. Stay tuned.”

A Mountain of Awards

Every flavor of Sun Valley Mustard has won at least one local, national or international award. Their conquests are proudly featured on the winning product’s label. Six award-winning flavors are currently available: Spicy-Sweet, Chardonnay Wine, Sweet Garlic, Amber Ale, Dill, and Hot Jalapeno.Sun Valley Mustard’s growing list of awards and accolades includes the Silver Medal for their Spicy-Sweet flavor and a Gold Medal for their label & packaging design at the 2012 World-Wide Mustard Championships in Middleton, Wisconsin. Several Sun Valley Mustard favors have also won prizes at the Napa Valley Mustard Festival Worldwide Competition. There are also several first-place finishes in the Food Distribution Magazine National Mustard Competition, awarded for victory in a blind taste-test competition.

Sun Valley Mustard has also been featured on the QVC national television broadcast “Quest for America’s Best – the 50 in 50 Tour”, where a supply of 8,000 jars was sold in a mere two minutes.

Plans for Growth
Joshua is excited about the growth opportunities for his company, beginning with plans to expand the already well-known brand further into Advanced Labels’ backyard – the Pacific Northwest and metropolitan Seattle area. When we asked if there was anything more we could do to partner is Sun Valley Mustard’s success, Joshua told us, “We are working on diversifying our product offerings – we will need assistance with our packaging. Be ready!”

Sun Valey Mustard Dill flavor 7.5 oz jar label
A 7.5 oz jar of award-winning Dill flavor in its natural environment

Ready to try an award-winning Sun Valley Mustard for yourself? The company sells jars individually and as gift packs. Check their online store for more information.

Coincidentally, we have selected back-to-back featured labels from companies that both trace their beginnings to Sun Valley, Idaho! You can read about the other featured label from Sleight of Hand Cellars here.

Sun Valley Mustard

PO Box 474
Sun Valley, Idaho 83353
(800) 628-7124
On the web:
Twitter: @SVMustard
Facebook: sunvalleymustard

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