5 Things to Do Before You Send Your Labels to Print

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Double check your art files

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One of the recurring themes of our blog posts is helping educate our clients and potential clients on label ordering and printing. From figuring out which size label you need to choosing the right label material and testing it, to best practices for your label design & graphics, understanding adhesive options, and making barcodes, we try to share as much information as possible to make ordering your labels hassle free.

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Featured Label: SeaFire Gourmet, Chili Sauce Labels

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SeaFire Gourmet Chili Sauce, food labels

SeaFire Gourmet founder Dave Ridderbusch's passion is hand-crafted specialty foods made with only the freshest ingredients. The earliest memory of his life-long passion for hot sauces and spicy foods began as sibling rivalry while eating at Asian restaurants: who can eat the most wasabi and hot chili sauce and take the burn the longest?

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Embossing and Debossing for Labels Explained

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Embossing and Debossing for lables explained

Embossing adds an eye-catching dimension to your labels, and often includes a nice tactile aspect as well. Having an interesting and eye-catching label is great. Getting a consumer to pick up your product to feel the label is even better.

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Studies Prove Wine Labels Critical to Sales

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Millennials prefer mid-to-high-end winesWith nearly 9,000 wineries in the U.S., the market saturation of affordable entry level wines is higher than ever. Established wineries have found more fertile ground in the mid-to-high end price range where competition is more profitable. Studies show wineries must have high quality labels to be competitive in the segment.

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9 Questions About Digital Label Printing, Answered

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Frequently Asked Questions Digital Label Printing

We recently announced the installation of our HP8000, the world's best digital label press. Digital labels are certainly nothing new, but with the release of the HP Indigo 8000 Digital Press we can confidently proclaim they have never been better. The technology and press speeds continually increase.

Of course, digital label printing is not the only service Advanced Labels NW has to offer. Our digital printing capabilities are complimented by our award-winning flexographic printing expertise. As we promote our latest investment in digital label printing, it is a great time to revisit the 9 most common questions we are asked about digital labels.

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The Future of Digital Label Printing is Here

Posted by Advanced Labels NW

2016 is a landmark year of technological investment in the 26-year award winning history of Advanced Labels NW. With all the major pieces now in place, we would like to share with you the progress we have made towards delivering the best labels possible in support of brands all across the country.


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Advanced Labels NW Buys HP Indigo 8000 at Labelexpo

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Advanced Labels NW buys HP Indigo 8000

(L to R: Steve Powers, HP, Haim Levit, HP, Kevin Davis, president, Advanced Labels NW, Zak Callahan, HP)

Lynnwood, Washington-based Advanced Labels NW, a converter producing high-quality custom tags and labels for the wine and spirits, food and beverage, health and beauty, and vitamin and nutraceutical markets, purchased an HP Indigo 8000 Digital Press at Labelexpo Americas 2016.

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Featured Label: Napeequa Vintners, Davey Outrageous Wine Labels

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Davey Outrageous Pinkie A-Go-Go Wine

The Creative Chiropractor

Before becoming a full-time winemaker in June of this year, David Morris spent three decades as a chiropractor, straddling winemaking and running a tasting room on the weekends, and managing his practice during the week.

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Mark Ryan Winery Wins With NumbSkull Wine Label

Posted by Advanced Labels NW


It's been a few years since we featured Mark McNeilly's renowned Mark Ryan Winery, and Seattle Magazine's 2011 Winemaker of the Year hasn't slowed down at all.

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Label Quality: Why It Matters, How It's Achieved

Posted by Advanced Labels NW

High quality label printing

Most of us understand the difference between affordable and cheap. Diligent bargain hunting is a learned skill, and there are certainly benefits to finding products and services with comparable quality to big brand equivalents sold for premium prices. When you buy cheap labels you get what you pay for.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”
–Warren Buffett

Label Quality

With label printing, there are several factors to consider when trying to determine the difference between a quality affordable label product and a cheap low-quality label packaging.

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