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Extend-A-label (2 Ply Labels or Hinged Labels)

Advanced Labels offers a truly unique alternative to traditional adhesive labels requiring more space. Our new "Extend-A-Label" product is a 2 Ply, peel and reseal or hinged label that provides up to 3 times more space for additional content such as multiple languages. The unique multi-panel label construction is an adhesive label on top of another label, or a hinged label, that makes a great addition to your existing label product for cosmetic labels, health & beauty labels, vitamin & supplement labels, food & beverage labels, lawn & garden labels, industrial labels, bottle labels, nutrition labels, nutraceutical labels and bottle neck hang tags.

Extend-A-Labels can be completely removable or hinged to be lifted and resealed again and again. This multi panel label product can be printed on durable & squeezable, waterproof film or paper label material, is easily machine applied and is a cost effective alternative to enlarging your existing labels or containers. Extend-A-Labels can be produced with up to 6 colors total and your additional information can be placed on the bottom label, the top label and beneath the top label as you can see by our animation.

2 ply or hinged Extend-A-Labels can also be used for sweepstakes, promotions, customer reply labels on post cards and mailers, duel purpose medical form labels for documentation, business card and credit card replies and return authorization labels, multiple languages and QR codes. Our 2 ply or hinged labels can be produced with a variety of adhesive types on both layers or different adhesives on each layer. These custom adhesive labels can also be produced as blank, color tinted or fully printed. Extend-A-Labels can be removed and reapplied to another form, product or postcard, depending on your label application.

2 ply or hinged Extend-A-Labels offer an affordable way to increase customer response and brand interaction, manage accurate documentation on forms, promote your product and encourage product registration. 

Whether you need a conventional one color label or a full color label, Advanced Labels has the skill and technical expertise to meet all of your custom adhesive label needs. Set yourself apart from your competition by having Advanced Labels produce a winning label combination for your brand packaging.

Get started today! Contact us for a 2 ply or hinged Extend-A-Label quote and samples of this truly amazing label.

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