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Effective nutraceutical label solutions

Nutrition Information Labels

With our unmatched digital label and flexographic label printing capabilities, our clients have access to all the resources necessary to meet their most demanding nutraceutical label needs, including strict delivery requirements.

The self-adhesive labels we produce are high quality, elevate your brand, and stand apart on store shelves.

Nutraceutical and alternative healthcare product brands typically offer multiple products within their product line, incurring costly plate and film prep charges. At Advanced Labels NW we offer digital printing solutions that eliminate these charges, reduce material waste and lost time, and provide faster time to market. With nearly three decades of award winning self-adhesive label printing experience, you can trust Advanced Labels to be a partner in your brand's success.

Exlusively from Advanced Labels, Simply Textured™ film labels are available to nutraceutical brand owners looking to make a statement with their packaging. This richly textured, product resistant label solution brings the tactile luxury of traditional wine labels to your market. With 8 different textures to choose from, Simply Textured™ is a white label with strong adhesion, capable or being printed with any desired color. Request your free printed samples today.


Multi-page labels and tamper evident labels

Our nutraceutical clients often have unique needs. Though nutraceutical products are not regulated or tested by the FDA in the same way as pharmaceuticals, these labels still need to explain all uses and benefits to potential customers.

Shoppers will expect dosages and age guidelines, as well as information about potential conflicts with other medications. Manufacturers should provide as much information as possible to help prevent complications and discourage misuse. And of course your brand images, logo, and marketing information will also be competing for space within the label design.

Multi-page labels, expanded content labels, and extended content booklet labels offer clever solutions for pill bottles where label space is scarce. Compact multi-page labels are durable and dependable, proven to be effective – and shoppers intuitively understand them.

nutraceutical folding booklet labels

Of course responsible labeling does not stop with information, it also includes security. Tamper-evident labels are an excellent tool to inspire consumer confidence when using your nutraceutical products. Tamper-evident labels instantly provide visual evidence of any attempts at tampering with your products.

These security labels cannot be removed without leaving an obvious broken seal. If removal is attempted, the label will either destruct (in the case of our destructible vinyl label), or a "void" or checkerboard pattern is left behind to indicate tampering. With either label, you and your buyers will be secure in knowing that your product is protected.

Multi-page labels and tamper-evident labels are ideal for existing and brand new alternative healthcare products such as:

• Dietary supplements

• Dietary enhancements

• Herbs and Herbal Products

• Isolated Nutrients

• Children’s Nutritional Supplements

• Nutraceutical Formulations

• Vitamin Supplements

• Dietary Supplements 



Self-adhesive labels that sell

We are keenly aware of the specific label materials required for your nutraceutical label application, as well as your expectations for label performance, print and color consistency, and on time delivery. Our talented label design team can also assist you in differentiating your brand from the crowd with a distinctive, easy to read design that truly "jumps off the shelf".

Nutraceutical labels provide both unique challenges and great opportunities for brands  looking to attract consumers with bright, vibrant color and easy to read instructions, in full compliance with any required regulations or warnings.


nutraceutical labels, self adhesive, printed in SeattleThere are many specialty treatments available to nutraceutical manufacturers looking to create a standout label.

A label specialist will help guide you to the best label solution possible, with careful consideration of your packaging budget. Varnishes and laminates, foils, metallized substrates, embossing and pattern embossing are some of the custom label options we offer. Each label we produce is an opportunity to exhibit the consistent quality, color, registration, and unrivaled customer care our reputation is built on.

In addition, our amazing label design team welcome the opportunity to assist you with the many ways you can expand your brand through our creative marketing solutions, graphic design and specialty treatment options.


Are you looking for a label printing partner that cares about your products as much as you do? Give us a call today to explore how Advanced Labels NW can reduce your label costs, improve your brand image and change the way you look at labels forever.