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Webinar: Unleash the Power of Digital Printing

Nov 20, 2012 09:38 PM

Digital printing can dramatically impact the way you do business. Let us show you how.

We poduced a live digital printing webinar in partnership with HP. The archived presentation is now available for those unable to attend the live event. Runtime: 24 minutes.

Free digital printing video

Learn about the incredible advantages and extraordinary capabilities of digital printing and how it benefits your business, your bottom line and the environment.

Key Digital Printing Topics Covered:

  • Quality: Exceptional color and crisp detail
  • Productivity: Ready, set, go!
  • Value: Flexibility and responsiveness improves all processes
  • Capabilities: The wide variety of digital applications
  • Sustainability: Environmentally sensitive printing

The retail shelf is the battleground for capturing consumers.
Make your label the ultimate sales warrior and win the battle.

Beauty. Digital labels can affirm your brand quality and forge the right relationship with your consumers.

Digital label printing raises the bar. Setting a new standard, this cutting-edge technology is nothing short of amazing. Our unique digital print process results in a superior quality reproduction with crisp text, razor sharp linework and eye-popping color. Digital label setup finally frees designers from the constraints of conventional printing.

Versatility. Digital labels can change on a dime to reflect the current retailer merchandising sentiment.

Digital label printing shatters adaptability limitations with both accelerated time-to-market and the ability to make last minute changes. Shorter lead times allow for rapid response to consumer demand and just-in-time manufacturing. Variable data, versioning and personalization, reduced inventory, minimal waste and improved supply chain management makes digital a revolutionary solution to classic label packaging restrictions!

Digital label solutions – the edge you need to beat the competition.

At Advanced Labels NW, we pride ourselves in taking the time to educate our clients about the many benefits of digital label printing. We know success is your number one priority and our expertise in label manufacturing allows you to focus on your business and leave the printing to us. Register today to discover how Advanced Labels can provide a digital label solution for your existing product packaging and change the way you look at digital label printing forever.

“We Make Impossible, Possible.”

Please note: This recording was created after the fact due to some unforeseen audio issues we had with the live event. Gary Bernier from HP originally presented some of the original material, however his sections have been rerecorded in this version due to scheduling conflicts.

Topics: Beer Labels, Digital Labels, Environmental Sustainability, Food & Beverage Labels, Health & Beauty Labels, Miscellaneous Labels, Nutraceutical Labels, Pet Care & Pet Food Labels, Spirits, Wine

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