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Anything's Possible With Pattern Embossing

Jun 19, 2014 04:08 AM

When we first developed the pattern embossing process nearly a decade ago, it filled a straightforward need: the look and feel of high-end label materials at a fraction of the cost.

Linen pattern emboss

Like all great innovations, pattern embossing has grown beyond its original intent. Its become a special treatment all its own, and the results have been amazing.

Pattern embossing has been selectively used within label designs. New radical patterns have been developed. Patterns have been combined with other treatment options like standard embossing and varnish treatments to create truly one-of-a-kind label packaging.

With a growing pattern emboss tool and die catalog, there are many materials that can be simulated today, and the technique is used regularly to simulate specific paper textures. Creative designers and brand owners continue to push the envelope with original patterns and concepts every year.

Custom metallic emboss pattern

We've seen pattern embossing used to simulate everything from felt, to wood, to metal and linen. Labels that use multiple textures and large areas of solid colors and spot varnishes are particulalry striking.

With the seemingly endless combination of patterns, textures, treatment and finishes, anything's possible when you incorporate a pattern emboss into your label design.


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