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The secret to this best-selling supplement label? A second chance

May 18, 2022 09:08 AM

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We coordinated with Beyond Yourself’s design team on their newest flavor line, Grape White North. This included finishes and embellishments that elevated their already unique concept from good to great.

The result was a best-selling label they can barely keep on the shelves, along with iconic new branding that encapsulates the company's broader mission to honor its home nation, Canada.

"It was awesome to work together because we had the time to understand each other — and the print samples really turned out amazing. I said what I needed and how I needed it and they were able to be flexible enough to come to the table,” Beyond Yourself's owner said.

But designing the label was the easy part. The real win was regaining the company's trust — and keeping it. Because this wasn't the first time we'd worked with Beyond Yourself.

Here are the details:


  • Location — Sainte-Eulalie, Québec
  • The problem — Deliver a flawless label to recapture lost business
  • The solution — First-class service tailored to the customer’s unique needs
  • Result — A top-selling nutrition supplement
  • Bonus — A fresh new label concept that maintained brand continuity

This story shows the unique consultative approach of the Resource Label Group family. Advanced Labels NW is proud to be a part of RLG's network of trusted label partners.

Check out the full story to see how our quality service provides the best labels imaginable.

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