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Content Overload? Booklet Labels Are The Solution

Nov 19, 2013 02:41 AM

ECL, Booklet Labels

Extended Content Booklet Labels 

Those words may not mean anything to you right now, but chances are you've seen an extend content booklet label (ECL) or multi-layered labels in the wild. If you have ever peeled an accordion folded piece of paper off a product to reveal more information, you have encountered an ECL. These multi-folded, leaflet type labels have been used for many years with great success to expand the printable space of a label. For products in small containers or products that require a lot of regulatory or legal information, instructions, disclaimers, or multiple language translations, ECLs can be a lifesaver.

5 Panel Booklet Label

Multi-Layered Labels: What Exactly Are They?

ECL are typically produced on a traditional flexographic label press by printing one or both sides of a non-adhesive paper. The paper is then folded into the desired number of panels using a device called a plow folder. Once folded, the folded paper is sandwiched between two layers of material with adhesive backing. The bottom layer of the sandwich adheres to your packaging while the top layer keeps the booklet folded and in place. ECL are usually rectangular but can also be cut to a circle. Resealable ECL are most common (so that the folded booklet can be returned to its original position after opening) but these labels can also be perforated for complete removal after opening. 


3 Panel IRC Booklet Label

What Are Their Applications?

There are countless uses for extended content labels. ECL labeling is currently used very successfully for applications requiring additional supplemental facts or information, government required information and warnings, multilingual translations, instant redeemable coupons, special on-pack promotions, food recipes, nutritional facts, additional product uses and instructions, compliance information, legal text, mail in rebates, and extended barcodes and QR codes. 

Multi-panel or multi-layered booklet labels can offer as much as 4 or more times the amount of printed space of a conventional flat label. Constantly changing labeling requirements call for companies to include additional information on their packaging and extended content labels are an excellent solution. ECL also offer a creative way to add content such as a recipe or coupon to your packaging without eating up valuable real estate. Keep extended content booklet labels in mind when you need to say a little more about your product but just don't have the space.

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