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Don’t Let Soggy Labels Dampen Your Brand

Jan 09, 2014 07:07 PM

Ice bucket labels(Note: This is an excerpt from our free ebook about labeling bottles that endure cold & wet conditions.)

Your brand is everything and your brand image should be supported by your label packaging. For too long now, paper labels have only been expected to last a few hours under the harsh conditions of refrigeration or ice water submersion. In the world of beverage bottle packaging, a label that visually deteriorates when wet, but manages to barely cling to the bottle, has received a passing grade. In other words, despite a distorted and deteriorating presentation of your brand message, today’s paper beverage labels are graded solely on their ability to adhere to the bottle. 

Paper labels that come apart or completely fall off bottles have posed a considerable challenge to wine, spirits, beer, and beverage producers for many years. Brand owners have simply opted to accept this, assuming poor label performance in wet or damp environments is normal. But is it?

Many labeled products require refrigeration, are served chilled, and others are regularly submerged in ice water, such as white wine, champagne, and beer. Despite the obvious need for a label material suitable for these conditions, few gains have been made in completely resolving this very frustrating issue – until now. The last thing a brand owner wants to see is a label floating off their bottle in a tasting room or restaurant ice bucket. With so much time, effort, and energy spent on brand image and label design, isn’t it time your labels performed the way you want them to?

How labels fail in ice water

Choose the best label material

We can all agree label packaging that provides a lasting impression is a vital sales and marketing tool for your products, but how do we get there? What’s the next step after you’ve created a beautiful label packaging design? For the best possible outcome, research and testing of available label materials is the key. This begins with you and your label provider knowing how to test your existing labels against any new material you might decide to try.

If your labels do not maintain an appearance reflective of your brand messaging under testing they are not doing the job they have been designed to do. Conventional thinking, that you cannot print on a paper label that will not show any sign of deterioration after extended water immersion, is no longer true. Download our free ebook on ice water submersion and refrigeration testing and learn about our new test methods, and the new paper label material that inspired us to share this information with you.

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