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E-juice Label / E-Liquid Label Sizes

Mar 04, 2015 06:00 AM
Common vape juice labels, free templates

Free E-Liquid Label Templates

By popular demand, we have added the top four e-juice label sizes to our website. The two most common vape refill bottle sizes right now are 15mL and 30mL, and you will find two templates for each bottle on our e-liquid labels web page, as well as our popular label shapes and sizes page.


Additional Vape Juice Label Sizes Available

Of course, with a constantly expanding selection of over 5,300 custom dielines, you are not limited to these four sizes. We have designed them to be a good fit for the common vape juice bottles, and as an added bonus these are custom dies we have in stock today. That means no additional tool or die charges for your e-liquid label order.

Like all our free label templates, our e-juice dielines include a custom corner radius, a final trim size, a "safe area" for artwork and text, and a measurement for "bleed" (the minimum distance your artwork should go beyond the labels final trim size).

Free vape juice templates for eliquid labels

E-Juice Label Material and Design Considerations

E-juice labels pose a unique set of challenges for brand owners, due to their inherently small size and the potential for the vape liquid to drip onto the labels and damage them. A label specialist will recommend various label materials and treatments depending on your specific needs. We offer label materials well suited for squeezable plastic e-liquid bottles and glass e-liquid bottles. You can find more information on our e-liquid web page, or by contacting Advanced Labels today.


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