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Embossing and Debossing for Labels Explained

Feb 23, 2017 06:30 AM


Embossing adds an eye-catching dimension to your labels, and often includes a nice tactile aspect as well. Having an interesting and eye-catching label is great. Getting a consumer to pick up your product to feel the label is even better.

The effect is created using a die, resulting in a decoration you may have seen before with the common notary public stamp. If the image rises up above the label surface it is "embossed". If it sinks down below the label surface it is "debossed". Embossing is frequently combined with foil or used in areas of your label with printed art or text. A "Blind Emboss" means no ink or foil is used in combination with emboss, resulting in a very subtle effect. 



Embossing or debossing is frequently applied to logo or product names on label designs. Embossing specific area of your labels design elements is an effective way to make those areas stand out. As with spot varnishes, applying special treatments or finishing options to targeted design elements creates an instant point of interest on your labels. Additionally, a technique developed by Advanced Labels allows for the use of pattern embossing, which lays a texture across an entire label surface to simulate more expensive label materials. The Pattern Embossing page explains the technique in further detail.
Eggshell Pattern Emboss & Foil Stamp


There are several specific types of embossing, and it can be helpful to know the terminology for the different styles. The various types of embossing shown here are based on the type of tooling used to create the effect:


We use your label art to create “male” and “female” plates or dies. As with any embossing, a male/female set of interlocking plates or dies is required to create the raised emboss image. Embossing art files must be meticulously created so the resulting emboss represents the client’s vision and can be held by both the plates or dies and the label material to be embossed. Understanding the limitations of the tools and materials used to create an emboss is crucial to achieving the best possible results. Our artists have many years of experience creating embossed label Embossed labels add dimension and interestdesigns, invaluable skills when developing these technically challenging finishes.

At Advanced Labels we utilize embossing for multiple industries and markets, including wine, spirits, craft beer, prime labels for food, health & beauty, personal care, and more.


Multistroke Emboss

There is also a method of combining embossing with foil stamping, known as a “Multistroke Emboss”, where the emboss and foil stamp are applied simultaneously. This results in razor sharp registration of the two finishing options.

Depending on the complexity of your art file and the label material used, other methods of embossing will be more suitable. We engineer every label we produce to take advantage of our technology and provide the highest quality product.

Contact Advanced Labels NW for printed embossed label samples, and find out for yourself how you can take advantage of our unique embossing capabilities on your next label project.

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