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Featured Label: Araceli Spirits, Marigold Liqueur Labels

Oct 13, 2015 07:00 AM


This featured label is a show stopper. We see thousands of attractive and professional label designs each year, so labels that create a buzz around our production facility tend to be in exclusive company. We truly love the Araceli (Spanish for “Altar Of Heaven”) liqueur label, and the brand story that comes with it. It came as no surprise when we learned the creative force behind the label is an experienced marketer and brand manager.

Victoria Araceli Vann is
 the Editor-in-Chief of Beverage Industry News Magazine (BIN), the nation's very first beverage trade magazine, Video Host and an Ambassador for the United States Wine, Beer and Spirits Industry. She spent the better part of 20+ years in brand building, marketing and promotion, and it shows. Her Araceli Marigold Liqueur product and packaging are absolutely gorgeous, and include a one-of-a-kind brand story inspired by an ancient celebration.

Araceli Marigold Liqueur is the world’s very first marigold liqueur of its kind and pays tribute to the centuries old Hispanic holiday tradition Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a celebration of love, joy and remembrance.



4 questions for Victoria Araceli Vann, brand owner of Araceli Marigold Liqueur and Araceli Spirits, LLC.

Advanced Labels NW: How did Araceli Spirits, LLC get started?

Victoria Araceli Vann: Having worked in the beverage industry for 20+ years, I've had the opportunity to work with thousands of wine, spirit and beer brands. I've always been fascinated with the Mexican Celebration El Día de los Muertos, or The Day of The Dead, and I wanted to create a product that represented the beauty of this centuries old tradition. Rather than just put a Día de los Muertos inspired label on a tequila, mezcal or beer bottle, I wanted something much more meaningful that truly honored the love of people and life, which is what El Día de los Muertos is all about.


The Marigold flower which is a significant symbol used throughout Día de los Muertos celebrations was my inspiration for Araceli Marigold Liqueur. Paying tribute to both Día de los Muertos, and the sacred Marigold flower, Araceli is the world's very first liqueur of its kind and is unique in every sense of the word. There isn't anything else like it at all, and it is quite extraordinary. My company Araceli Spirits, LLC. was created to launch Araceli Marigold Liqueur along with several of my other products that I'm currently working on behind the scenes.

ALNW: What was the creative process that went into your label design?

Victoria: In creating the label for Araceli Marigold Liqueur, there were several elements involved. First of all, the label required exceptional artwork that captured the beauty of Día de los Muertos and the sacred Marigold flower. Secondly, I wanted the label to be as substantial as possible and also emulate a high quality piece of artwork.

Handmade in small batches, every step in producing a bottle of Araceli Marigold Liqueur is completed with passion and pride.  From sourcing the finest ingredients to hand applying each individual label, neck ribbon and cork, the commitment to quality and detail is second to none.

I specifically designed the bottle to allow an acceptable amount of room on the front of the bottle to embrace the over-sized label artwork and I believe that I've succeeded in achieving my goal, as the Araceli packaging is simply stunning! Many thanks to my friends at Advanced Labels as they assisted in making my vision into reality. The Araceli Marigold label speaks for itself and that is exactly what I set out to do!


The packaging truly is remarkable. How has it been received?

Victoria: The brand is still in its infancy stage and although while still brand new, we've had nothing but positive reviews and feedback from distributors, retailers and consumers alike. We have found that people are automatically drawn to the packaging and want a bottle of Araceli Marigold Liqueur before even sampling it. It's just that special!


ALNW: So Araceli has made a strong early impression in a crowded and competitive spirits industry?

Victoria: Given that the product is currently being introduced, it has been embraced with countless orders coming in, and the initial response has been overwhelming. We've been receiving calls and emails from retailers, consumers, and distributors from across the country and even globally, which is a very rare feat in the beverage industry these days, exceeding all our expectations, and then some.


This unique label was printed digitally on our HP Indigo press on metallized silver paper, using CMYK inks. The design also features gloss spot and supermatte spot varnishes and embossing.

The Araceli website includes an excellent page dedicated to Día des los Muertos (Day of the Dead), the traditional holiday celebrated on November 1st and 2nd throughout Mexico. And don’t miss the companion page describing Flor de Muerto (Flower of the Dead), its origins, and cultural significance around the world.


Día de los Muertos expresses this perspective: It is not a mournful commemoration but a happy and colorful celebration where death takes on a lively, friendly expression, and is not frightening or strange.

Visit Araceli Liqueur online for product information, drink recipes, and merchandise featuring the label's unforgettable artwork, and follow this exceptional brand on social media today.


Facebook: AraceliMarigoldLiqueur
Twitter: @AraceliLiqueur
Instagram: @aracelimarigoldliqueur


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