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Featured Label: Briali Vineyards & Winery, Wine Label

Feb 05, 2014 05:17 AM

Bada Bing! wine label on TerraSkin®Down and Dirty with Briali

Environmental respect is anything but an afterthought at Briali Vineyard. This philosophy is at the very heart of Brian and Alicia ("Bri and "Ali") Moeller’s decision to start a biodynamic winery after nurturing 15 varieties of grapevines over 9 years.  This type of eco-friendly, organic winemaking is hard work. To Brian and Alicia, who are completely hands-on with their vineyard, it’s worth it. They love the labor intensive challenge of producing a pure, high quality wine.  And in just their second year open to the public, Briali has already sold out the first year’s vintage.

"Not all certified organic elements are earth friendly. Something for everyone to keep in mind." – Brian Moeller

Biodynamic Viticulture in Northeast Indiana

If you are unfamiliar with Biodynamic Wine, check out this excellent blog post by Briali. Biodynamic winemaking is essentially a holistic approach that follows the principals of organic farming. But does it work? A winery in France that switched to biodynamic viticulture to save a diseased vineyard now produces some of its most prized wines from those very same vines.  We can find the benefits of biodynamic viticulture closer to home, too.  The strong, well-balanced, vibrant characteristics of wine produced using biodynamic viticulture can be found in quality, affordable offerings such as Briali in stores across the country.

The high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail required to produce biodynamic wine result in big benefits for consumers. In a blind taste test of 10 pairs of biodynamic and conventional wines conducted by Fortune, involving seven wine experts including a Master of Wine and head sommeliers, biodynamic wine was judged superior nine times out of ten! 

Pinot Grigio biodynamic wine from Briali

Right Down to the Label

Briali has a consistent and established label design across varietals that is nicely artistic and understated. So why did we choose Bada Bing! Cherry Wine as our Label Package of the Month? We love the brash departure from their usual style and the use of TerraSkin® paper, a label material made from stone.

TerraSkin consists of 80% calcium carbonate and inorganic compound, and 20% polyethylene resin to create an environmentally friendly paper. Not only is it sustainable, it's also water resistant and inherently strong.

Bada Bing! strikes a bold contrast

To create the artwork for their labels, Brian and Alicia brainstorm their ideas and work with Portland based graphic designer Amanda Lerch. Briali credits Amanda with having turned their ideas into high level concepts and branding that stand out well in the crowded world of wine labels.

Brian & Alicia Moeller, Briali Vineyards & Winery

Briali Vineyards & Winery

Briali Vineyards & Winery

102 W State Rd 120
Fremont, IN 46737
(260) 316-5156

On the web:
Facebook: Briali Vineyards

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