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Featured Label: Herb & Oil, Essential Oils Labels

Jul 23, 2013 02:49 AM

Herb & Oil Essential Oils labels
Striving for purity in Las Vegas

Necessity is the mother of invention, and alleviating suffering may be the mother of all necessities. For Robin Hager, Pharm.D., this was especially true when her Aunt Lou was diagnosed with breast cancer. Dr. Hager and her Aunt Lou
Dr. Robin Hager (left) and Aunt Lou
Hoping to aid in her beloved aunt’s treatment and recovery, she began researching alternative therapies. Dr. Hager discovered a great many companies are selling products they branded as “pure”, but very few are willing or able to prove their claims. She committed herself to fulfill the need for pure therapeutic products, and created the Las Vegas based Herb & Oil company.

“It became my mission to create a company that provided the best and purest products in the industry.” –Dr. Robin Hager

Even as a new company, Herb & Oil is experiencing tremendous success, especially with their essential oil products.

Many products claim to be 100% pure

A Google image search for the words “pure” and “logo” returns 240 million results.

What is a Pharm.D. degree?

If you’re not familiar with the degree, Wikipedia offers a succinct definition: ”In the United States, the Pharm.D. (Doctor of Pharmacy) degree is a graduate-level professional doctorate degree that prepares the graduate for pharmacy practice, research, as well as teaching in higher education institutions.”Robin Hager, Pharm.D. is the founder of Herb & Oil and has worked as a hospital pharmacist for over a decade. She is currently the Director of Hospital Pharmacy in Las Vegas, Nevada and the President Elect for the Nevada Society of Health System Pharmacists. She believes Eastern and Western medicine practices can coexist and complement each other to ultimately provide the best possible outcomes for patients and clients alike.

Dr. Hager is also passionate about educating her clients and members of her community about the practical and therapeutic uses of essential oils. She has been involved in several speaking engagements in the Las Vegas area and she plans to start webinars in the near future. In addition to her professional work, she is also very involved in her community. She works with the CASA Foundation, Clinics in Schools, and supports organizations such as American Lung and American Heart.

Essential oils printed labelsVersatile Packaging

Herb & Oil sought to create distinct label packaging that would be different from anything currently available in the marketplace. They believed the look had to be clinical but not sterile, and something that would easily fit into a home or hospital/clinic environment. The label is also chic enough to be seen in a retail space such as Nordstrom’s.

“I have always loved the look and feel of foil stamping; it brings out a richness that other printing cannot and it suited our label perfectly. Thanks to the help of Melissa at Advanced we were able to achieve a label beyond our expectations.” – Nathan Johnson, Herb & Oil

To accomplish the rich and versatile label packaging Herb & Oil needed, Melissa and the Advanced Labels team engineered a label using a silver metalized polypropylene material combined with a matte laminate. The digital labels were printed with white and CMYK ink.

Labels for essential oilsHerb & Oil

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