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Featured Label: Temple Distilling Co., Limoncello Liqueur Labels

May 04, 2016 05:06 AM


A Tale of Two Companies: Temple Distilling Co & Fresh Bread Design

AJ and Jamie Temple of Temple Distilling make incredible, award winning gin. They are passionate about raising the bar as a new distillery and their Bookmark Limoncello shows it. They also realized you cannot have great distilled spirits without great packaging, so they enlisted in the help of Scott Wetzel at Fresh Bread Design to create packaging that reflects the product.


// Temple Distilling Co.

A.J. Temple and his wife Jamie have always had a passion for spirits, particularly gin, and backgrounds in small business. Armed with a marketing degree from Seattle Pacific University (SPU), A.J. had worked in the automotive service industry prior to starting Temple Distilling with Jamie. With a culinary passion inherited from his parents, A.J. also discovered scientific similarities between his craftsmanship as Head Distiller and his father's career in oil refining.

Traveling, tasting, and constantly immersing themselves in culinary and spirits related environments acted as the catalyst for the couple to take a leap, inspired to leave their signature on the world and creating something to pass down to their children. Temple Distilling processes start with brainstorming and research, and ends with their product being poured at your favorite cocktail bar.

// Fresh Bread Design

Scott started Fresh Bread Design so he could really stretch his creative wings. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drawing and sculpture, Scott has been a graphic designer since 2006. And though he loved the previous company he worked for, he found the creative work to be somewhat repetitive. He wanted greater creative challenges and to spend less time commuting, so he started Fresh Bread Design.

"The commute from my bedroom to my home office ain’t bad."

– Scott Wetzel, Fresh Bread Design




Designing Gorgeous Labels

Scott and A.J. wanted to reflect the Old World tradition of limoncello as well as the elegance and detail of this particular distillate. They succeeded by using a mix of custom and boutique typography, hand-created filigrees and very subtle gold foil and embossing.

The color scheme had to work with the color of the liqueur, so they chose muted greens and yellows to ultimately enhance one another. Much of the designs influence came from old book covers and antique tobacco tins, many of which not only have great design, but also showcase incredible patinas. The goal was to match that aesthetic for Bookmark Limoncello in order to showcase the time and respect for heritage that Temple Distilling puts into every bottle.

"Basically, Scott is amazing."
–A.J. Temple, Temple Distilling Company



A.J. wanted something classic and rustic that would not look out of date on a modern day store or bar shelf. As someone who enjoys a fine cigar from time to time, he was thrilled by Scott's use of antique cigar tins, and he loves the attention to all the small details that really came out wonderfully on this label.

Bookmark Limoncello labels are printed digitally with 4-color CMYK on Advanced Labels Ice Breaker brilliant white classic linen, a unique waterproof paper stock. The intricate design features high rub gloss spot varnish set against a background of matte barrier flood for contrast. The label also features gold foil flat bed hot stamping, and semi-rotary embossing on the word Bookmark.



Awards and Accolades for Temple Distilling Co. & Fresh Bread Design

With the operation up and running for just 5 short months, Temple Distilling has already won 4 medals in judged spirits competitions:

2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Gold Medal: Chapter One London Dry Gin

Silver Medal: Chapter One Navy Strength Gin

2016 American Craft Spirits Association Awards

Bronze Medal: Chapter One London Dry Gin

Bronze Medal: Chapter One Navy Strength Gin

Scott's stunning creative work as Fresh Bread Design for Temple Distilling has been featured on prominent packaging websites:

Packaging of the World: Temple Distilling's Bookmark Limoncello

World Packaging Design Society: Fresh Bread Design - Temple Distilling's Bookmark Limoncello


The bustling distilled spirits market in Washington State makes "breaking through" an uphill battle for new brands. With a growing fan base and early awards from judged competition, Temple Distilling is also finding their beautiful packaging well received by retailers. New products and wider distribution are high priorities, and we can't wait to see more award winning products with beautiful labels on more shelves soon.



Temple Distilling Company
19231 36th Ave W, Suite F
Lynnwood, WA, 98036
(425) 678-8620

Tasting on Saturdays or by appointment.

Facebook: TempleDistilling
Twitter: @TempleDistilled
Instagram: templedistilling
Pinterest: templedistilled


Fresh Bread Design
Scott Wetzel
Facebook: freshbreaddesign
Twitter: @freshbreadD
Instagram: freshbreaddesign
Pinterest: FreshBreadD


Photo Credit: Vonjentzen Productions

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