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Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 22, 2016 08:00 PM

Happy Thanksgiving!
We are all looking forward to Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. Each of us at Advanced Labels NW have our own blessings to be thankful for, and our own plans to spend the day relaxing and enjoying the company of family and friends– and of course, eating!

Thanksgiving continues to be a relatively overlooked holiday by major retailers. As we’re sure you noticed, Christmas decorations continue cropping up earlier and earlier every year. “Turkey Day” doesn't stand a chance!

Thanksgiving seems to have remained a very personal and authentic time of appreciation, for the most part. With all the personal and professional distractions and concerns of daily life, it's nice to have these occasional moments of reflection and thanks on our busy calendars.

So, free from any commercial obligation, we set about cooking, or being cooked for, and look forward to quiet times of relaxation and fellowship with our loved ones.
Whether you're hustling and bustling in the kitchen with hours of preparation or settling into your favorite spot on the couch to watch football (you'll help with the dishes, right?), we sincerely wish all our friends and partners an enjoyable and blessed day.

A brief message of thanks

As a company, we are thankful and ever grateful for our continuing relationships with each of you. We are, after all, primarily a service provider. Our livelihood is dependent on our relationships with our clients and partners, without whom we would have no purpose. So it is with great humility we offer this message of thanks, as your loyalty and trust is certainly something we, as an organization, are thankful for heading into this Thanksgiving holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving from Advanced Labels

A reminder... we will be closed Thursday and Friday

We, like many of you, will be closed Thursday and Friday in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. More than a few of our senior staff have reported that excellent cooking and a lack of willpower often precede several days of inactivity and frequent napping. We will return to business as usual (though a few pounds heavier to be sure) on Monday the 28th.

Thank you all, and we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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