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How to Get The "No-Label Look"

Feb 23, 2016 06:00 AM


You don't need a clear container, such as a glass bottle, to take advantage of clear labels. You can achieve the "no-label look" even if your containers are colored. Dark and clear glass, metallic and colored tubes, and various bottles, most containers can use film label materials to achieve differentiation and a high-end look. Making the label disappear allows your products to shine through.

With clear labels, your designs are printed on a transparent pressure-sensitive film material. When clear film labels are applied to your containers, the label itself becomes virtually invisible. Your label artwork appears to have printed right on your bottle (or jar, tube, bag, etc…). The no-label look is a great marketing tool commonly used for beer, spirits, wine, food & beverage, cosmetics, health & beauty, and personal care products, and many others.

With clear labels your packaging designs are not "framed" by the label material,which is ideal for many label designs. For glass bottles, the effect is best achieved if the contents have some opacity. For clear water bottles, the no-label look can be achieved, but the designs must take into account that both the front and back labels can overlap to the viewers eye when there is complete transparency all the way around. To prevent this, portions of the label design can be backed by a white layer of printing to reduce the transparency, or a double-sided label may be used on the back to create a suitable background. Combining clear labels with double sided printing creates added depth to your label design, and can create a very interesting effect.


Clear film labels are a great way to show off your products.  Depending on your particular market or industry, they are also ideal for creating a unique and eye-catching shelf presence.

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