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How To Include FDA Supplement Facts With Tabular Labels

Apr 22, 2015 04:00 AM

Tabular labels for FDA Supplement Facts

For dietary supplement containers with limited label space, including all the information required by the FDA can be a Herculean task. The Supplement Facts panel alone can occupy the entire available surface of some labels, leaving FDA Supplement Factsno room for additional information required by the FDA.

If you somehow manage to cram every bit of required information onto your labels, the overall appearance of the final design may not be very appealing. Without a strong shelf appeal, your brand will have little chance competing on the store shelf alongside more eye-catching products.

Many Dietary Supplement Labels Fall Short of FDA Guidelines

The Office of Inspector General estimates that up to 20-30% of supplement manufacturers are falling short of FDA regulations. These are serious violations with potentially serious consequences. If the FDA determines requirements have not been met they are authorized to remove your products from the marketplace or take other action.

Fortunately, there are innovative label solutions that maintain your label design integrity while including all necessary information.


Extended tabular labels for supplements

Get More Label Space with Extend-a-Labels, Called "Tabular Labels" by the FDA

The simple solution for dietary supplement labels that require more space is a multi-layered Extend-a-Label. These labels offer up to three times the label space without increasing the size of the label.

Extend-a-Labels for FDA factsExtend-a-Labels are hinged on one side, allowing the top layer to peel back and reveal the lower label layer. The top layer can then be closed and resealed. They are ideal for dietary supplement labels, vitamin supplement labels, and nutraceutical labels. With this solution brand owners are able to maintain design integrity while including all the necessary information.

Peel-and-reseal labels are also a great space saving solution for products requiring multiple languages on their packaging, such as those sold in Canada.

To learn more about these versatile labels, visit our extend-a-label webpage. As a specialty item, the minimum order is 5,000 labels.

How Does the FDA Define Small and Intermediate Sized Labels?

Small packages are those packages having less than 12 square inches of total surface area available to bear labeling.

Intermediate-sized packages are those packages having from 12 to 40 square inches of total surface area available to bear labeling.


Additional Resources

Quick Reference: Dietary Supplement Labels & FDA Regulations

FDA Website: Dietary Supplement Labeling Guide: Chapter IV. Nutrition Labeling

Canadian Food Inspection Agency: Labelling Requirements for Foods for Special Dietary Use


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