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Increasing Sales Through Strategic Branding

Sep 16, 2015 06:18 AM


We frequently discuss marketing and graphic design for labels, both key components of branding. Every business has a brand, whether they actively cultivate it or not, and taking control of the brand message is critical to communicating the core values of any company.

David Schuemann over at Drink With Your Eyes™ has written an excellent (and succinct) article about the essence of strong brands, and while it's aimed at alcohol brands, the advice is universal:

Every brand has a story, tell it well and you’ll give your customers a reason to believe and better yet, to buy.

David's focus is on the "brand essence", and he includes seven criteria for developing it successfully. It's a quick read, so head over to Drink With Your Eyes™ to read the full post The Heart of Every Successful Brand for Alcohol Beverage Branding.

Topics: Digital Labels, Flexo Labels, Graphic Design, How To, Marketing

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