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Make Your Labels Shine With Foil

Oct 15, 2013 11:00 PM

Hot Stamp Label Sample, foil labelsWhen your adhesive labels need that little something extra to make them stand out on the shelf, consider adding a foil hot stamp or cold foil treatment. Foil can be used to highlight part of your label design, to make an eye catching logo that will be shared by all your labels, or as a simple border that offers a little more pop than a basic black line. While gold and silver are most common, both hot stamp foil and cold foil come in a rainbow of colors; there are even some holographic patterns (see the Three Lakes WInery image below). Foil embellishments are a great way to elevate your brand and get your labels talking.

What Is Foil Hot Stamping?

Flexo rotary hot stamp die, foiled labelsFoil hot stamping, or simply hot stamping, is a process that has been around since the 19th century. Originally used in book bindery and leatherworking, it is now used as a way to embellish labels or paper goods and in some security printing processes.

During the hot stamp process, a custom metal tool, or die, is mounted to the printing equipment and heated to a high temperature. The hot stamp foil passes between the die and the label material on press. When pressure is applied by the hot stamp die, the heat causes the foil to transfer to the label material.

The hot stamp process allows a very high level of detail to be transferred to the label material. It is an excellent way to add fine text, filigree, or foiled line work to a custom label. Foil hot stamping will work on either paper or film label materials.  At Advanced Labels, we are able to hot stamp your custom labels on both our flexographic and digital printing equipment. 

What Is Cold Foil?

Holographic cold foiled labelThe cold foil process closely duplicates the results of hot stamping but without the cost of a custom die.  Cold foil requires only a standard printing plate. Simply put, it is a high tech version of foil leafing. 

During the cold foil process, a special adhesive is printed onto the label material. The label material and cold foil then pass through a set of pressurized rollers together. The foil sticks to the wet adhesive and the materials pass through a UV dryer where the adhesive is cured and the cold foil is permanently adhered to the label. The excess foil is stripped away and only the cured portion remains.

Cold foil is a more cost-effective option to hot stamping when your labels need a little glitter. Some artwork lends itself better to the cold foil process than other and our Account Managers and Art Department can review your files to help you make a decision. Cold foil works best on film stocks and high gloss, non-absorbent papers. At Advanced Labels we can cold foil your custom labels on our flexographic equipment.

Metallized Paper & Film - A Different Way to "Foil"

Silver metallized film label

If you have multiple versions of your labels that will all require a different foiled highlight, foil hot stamping or even cold foil might not be the most economic option.  Multiple foil dies and plates and the set up that goes with them can get expensive. One choice to consider is printing on a silver metallized paper or film material. By printing a white layer under everything you don't want to appear shiny, we can get you the look of a foiled label without the cost. We can print any color you like in the "foiled" areas so you can have nearly any color "foil" highlight you can imagine. This is also a great option for small orders, labels that might see some abuse, or special promotional labels.

Foil hot stamped labels, cold foil labels, or metallized label materials, large or small orders, we have a way to make your labels sparkle. No matter what foiling method you choose, the result will be custom label products that shine. And on crowded store shelves, your foiled labels could help busy and distracted shoppers make the right choice - your product. Take advantage of our expertise in label embellishments and contact us for samples of hot stamped labels, cold foiled labels, and labels printed on metallized materials. Just imagine the possibilities!

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