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NEW Rotary Screen Printing Samples Available

Mar 23, 2016 03:42 AM

rotary-screen-samples-04We rolled out our rotary screen printing capabilities back in January, adding even more value to our comprehensive list of label printing solutions. With rotary screen printing you can take your labels to the next level with more customization options than ever before.

Custom printed sample sheets are available now.

These printed samples highlight the unique enhancements we can achieve with rotary screen printing including:

  • Raised printing

  • Intense label colors

  • Ultra-fine label details

  • Vibrant metallic inks

  • Tactile label varnishes 

The images here and on our rotary screen printing page are not enough. You need to hold the samples in your hand and feel the textures and varnishes. 



With rotary screen printing, you have the opportunity to add powerful special effects to your labels with perfect registration. This means the effects available for your labels can be applied to the finest details of your design.

We look forward to discussing what rotary screen printing can do for your label packaging! Please contact us today to request your free rotary screen samples.


Topics: Digital Labels, Flexo Labels, Rotary Screen Printing

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