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Packaging Design Trends for 2017

Jan 09, 2017 12:35 AM

It is highly unlikely 2017 be a rollercoaster year of radical changes up and down the retail shelf. Brand owners will continue to tell their unique story while seeking real connections with their customers.

Standing out on the retail shelf supports that goal. Tried and true design methodology underpins great packaging, and trends are popular aspects that ebb and flow in response to what is most effectively breaking through the clutter and noise.


Last month, freelance graphic designer Martis Lupus authored 9 inspirational packaging design trends for 2017, which we have just discovered this morning and had to share. 

While the word “trend” can be a bit of a dirty word, in this case it's used to identify what are often just best practices coming to the forefront. As Martis herself concludes:

“Trends may come and go (and come back yet again), but they’re most impactful when communicating the values of a brand and helping to create a human connection.” 

The full article is a quick 7 minute read on the 99designs blog, and includes beautiful and relevant imagery. Don't forget to browse Martis Lupus portfolio while you're there. 

Topics: Graphic Design, Marketing, Miscellaneous Labels

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