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Packettes Are Perfect for Beauty & Personal Care Products

Feb 13, 2014 10:30 PM

Sample packette hand lotion

Everyone likes free stuff, and when given the option most consumers are happy to “try before they buy”. Product sampling is crucial for health & beauty and personal care products. When it comes to your unique products there’s no stronger purchase motivator than a positive experience with your formulations. Even if your product is superior to your competitors, consumers will still wonder how it smells, how it feels, and how well it works. Our clients often have a strong belief that if a potential customer would just give their product a chance, just try it once, they would understand how much better it is than the hundreds of others crowding the retail shelf.

The reverse is also true. When spending money to try a new brand or product, only to discard it after a single use (because of the scent, a minor allergic reaction, or the product not meeting expectations) consumers can form strong negative associations with your offerings. There’s no risk of buyers remorse when products are freely available in sample form.

Sample Packettes Are The Solution

Flexo sachet packettesAn easy and affordable way to provide samples to your potential customers is the packette (also known as a sachet). A packette is a small disposable bag or pouch often only large enough for a single use sample. In addition to first time sampling, packettes are a great way to introduce new products to existing customers.

Though they are small and disposable, packettes are still representing your company and brand message and should be as attractive as the full sized product on the retail shelf. Packettes designs are most effective when their design mimics the packaging design of the full sized product. If the goal of a sample packette is to win new customers, you’ll want to make sure it also helps them find your products on the retail shelf.

Making the Most of Packettes

As with any product promotion, common sense and good timing apply to packette distribution. You’ll want potential customers to receive your samples at a time and/or place where they will be receptive to your products. For example, If you are planning to offer free samples of sunscreen they would be more well received in summer than autumn, and more useful at a beach than a movie theater. 

Trade shows and sponsored events are a great place to have samples handy. Sample packettes will also allow you to bring a larger quantity of smaller samples than other solutions, such as miniature bottles. Seasonal and holiday promotions are perfect opportunities to distribute sample packettes in support of your product line and greater overall sales & marketing plan.

Sample packtte gelSample packettes also work extremely well as a cross-selling item. Include a few packettes with a customers next order and you may just win them over to more products in your line – products they may be completely unaware that you offer. Don’t assume your customers have gone through every page of your website and memorized your product line, or that they will keep up to date on new products.

Speaking of websites, why not ad a sample packettes request form? Or how about making the samples packette free when a customer includes the request on Twitter: “I just requested a free sample of Product X from ABC Company!”. Either way, it’s an opportunity to grow your marketing database or social media presence while distributing your products to potential customers.

More Than Samples

Packettes are available in a variety of sizes, and it’s not uncommon for them to be used as travel sized portions for day trips. Some companies have found success in actually selling packettes, for example in multi-packs for products whose customers may want to throw a few in their purse as they’re leaving home. People can buy them all to try, conveniently share them with family and friends, or use them as Sample packette cleansergifts or stocking stuffers.

Is Your Product Right for Packettes?

Virtually any personal care product can be distributed in a packette. The most common varieties we have seen include shampoo, conditioner, sanitizer, liquid soap, body wash, moisturizer, cleaner, cleanser, fragrance, gel, cream, sunscreen, sunblock, aftershave, ointment, bath crystals, bath salts, and cloth wipes.

We believe packettes are a versatile and valuable vehicle you should include in your product marketing. They are a great way to establish a loyal customer base and spread the word about your products.

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