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Do You Have a "Red Cup" Strategy for the Holidays?

Sep 01, 2017 04:00 AM


As the dog days of summer come to an end it may be hard to believe that a certain well-know coffee chain will soon be handing out warm, custom-crafted beverages in an iconic red cup. If you are a caffeine craving devotee of this coffee-behemoth, you know the childlike giddiness you feel when your local shop first hands them out: The holidays are coming! There is built-in emotional response many people have to this brilliant, seasonal marketing strategy.


Are You Missing Sales Opportunities by Not Identifying Your “Red Cup”?

Now, you may not be running a coffee empire worth over $4 billion… but are your current customers connecting with your products at all, especially during the holiday season? Brand loyalty has been in decline for decades, and building authentic emotional connections with your customers is as critical, and as difficult, as ever. Are there ways you can delight consumers and increase your 4th quarter sales by capitalizing on holiday sales opportunities? We think you can, and our team at Advanced Labels NW is here to help!

Winter Blend Coffee from Tony's

The holiday shopping season is a make-it or break-it time for many gourmet food and gift companies. Consumer purchasing of food and gift items peaks from October through December, and impulse purchases go up. Thoughtful and unique holiday packaging can provide a boost to your bottom line.

Easy Opportunities for Holiday Promotions

Consider what you know about your customers and, at this time of year, what are the practical and emotional needs that will influence their buying behaviors? If you do not have comprehensive demographic information about your customers, simply ask yourself which promotional packaging you respond to in your busy life. 

Hang-tags for seasonal promotionPeople are particularly busy at this time of year, often struggling to find the time to make thoughtful and authentic gift purchases. Packaging that is “gift ready,” such as a wine bottle with an attractive gift tag, makes an excellent last minute gift purchase. Many bottled products can benefit from an eye-catching seasonal hang tag. If this might work for you we can help! 

In addition to convenience, customers anticipate great deals and deep discounts during the holidays. They are spending more than ever, after all: Last year, holiday spending grew at the fastest rate in 5 years, exceeding $1 trillion. With spending on the rise, savvy shoppers do not want to miss out when there are good deals available. Running exclusive incentives or limited-time promotions on your product packaging will present overloaded shoppers with value– and they will want to take advantage. Effectively communicate your promotion with a
custom IRC (Instant Redeemable Coupon) printed on a label or a tag.

Ultimately, gift buying customers are searching for something authentic, memorable, and unique. Consistently presented promotions can help create a seasonal appeal. This is the emotional “red cup” connection. Find a way to personalize your products and differentiate your brand on crowded retail shelves by adding some tasteful and attractive seasonal flair.


Limited Edition Labels

A special or limited-edition version of your everyday product label may also work to elevate your brand. Adding a touch of foil or a creative emboss to your labels creates the instant impression of a superior product. A treasured family recipe or a truly personal note to your customers on a bottle neck tag is a genuine way to make a connection. All of these thoughtful enhancements will set your packaging apart from your competition and encourage holiday shoppers to choose your product.

Foil embossed labels

If you are interested in exploring these ideas but just do not know where to start, we would love to help! Please
contact us online or call us today at 1-800-877-4312.

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