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Beauty that lasts: Waterproof labels for shampoo and conditioner bottles

Mar 16, 2022 07:15 AM

Shampoo and conditioner labels must reflect customers’ desire for health and elegance.

But performance matters as much as the message. Labels must be durable enough to stand up to hot water daily. No one wants labels that split from their bottles — leaving an unsightly residue that sticks to your hands just as you’re trying to wash.

Shampoo and conditioner labels need to be like Michelle Kwan: elegant yet strong. Looks alone won’t cut it in the bathroom. Trust us, we’ve been in the bath and beauty business for a while now.

What your label needs to succeed in the shower

With the right help, you can create waterproof labels that fit your budget, meet your design needs and confront the rigors of daily use. Your custom shampoo or conditioner label will last well beyond the last drop.

Take advantage of extensive capabilities like:

  • UV inks that withstand water without runs or smudges
  • Durable polypropylene and polyester film materials that tolerate heat and chemicals
  • Printing on a wide range of durable or waterproof facestock materials
  • Specialty adhesives engineered so labels cling to bottles over repeated wet-dry cycles
  • A range of eye-catching laminate and varnish finishes that come in matte, semi-gloss or gloss looks
  • Printing labels of any shape and size using our vast library of die cuts

Every label is made to your exact size specifications, whether the bottle is tall and round or short and flat. Pre-press services ensure every design meets your printing standards. 

And if you’ve yet to enter the design stage, our experienced designers will help capture the look you’re after, no matter what shape it takes. 

Waterproof labels can take many forms. For the no-label look, consider flexographic films and screen-printed labels for a seamless appearance. Extensive die cuts and custom die cutting allow for labels in any shape and size. And full-color-spectrum printing can achieve any color combination.

Materials that stand up to heat and moisture

No matter how it looks, the label must resist water.

BOPPs are highly durable material options ideal for humid shower environments. It’s also oil-resistant, so it will be fine if a little shampoo or conditioner spills from the bottle. 

BOPPs come in white, clear and a silver BOPP option that’s great if you want a metallic appearance that stands out on store shelves.

You also could go with a white vinyl film, which features tear and water resistance. It’s highly durable and comes at a lesser cost than BOPP. It only comes in white, but this background makes label graphics really pop.

Check out our wide array of available label materials, along with their features, capabilities and expense considerations.

Lamination is a must for waterproof shampoo and conditioner bottle labels

Laminates are standard for shower products. The thin layers of film provide water resistance that keeps moisture from damaging the facestock.

There are two kinds of label laminates. Gloss lamination has a shiny, polished appearance. Matte lamination offers a smooth, no-glare finish that’s soft to the touch.

Polyester laminate is the best option if your shampoo or conditioner label includes a batch number or expiration date. They can provide the same protection and appearance as the other laminates and work with both printed and handwritten information.

While pricier than varnish coatings, laminate coatings are worth the investment to ensure your label sticks to the bottle no matter how many showers it takes.

Ordering in bulk minimizes material price differences

The size of your order has the biggest impact on your per-label cost. Ordering more labels diminishes the relative price difference between label materials, such as choosing a varnish over a laminate.

That’s why it’s best to make decisions based on performance demands rather than pinch pennies on cheaper label materials, especially if you’re making large orders.

Look here for more label coatings information like price considerations and other performance attributes.

We’re just getting started

You’re well on your way to creating the perfect label for your shampoo or conditioner. But there’s still much to do before your labels are ready for the beauty aisle.

You can count on us to help with every step of the process.

So, let’s keep the momentum going. Use what you’ve learned to request a quote and utilize what a new label partner can do for your brand and bottom line.

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