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Extended Content / Custom Coupon LabelsA proven coupon label solution

Extended content booklet labels, coupon labels, and our new "Extend-a-Label" construction offer many opportunities for you and the growth of your product. Manufacturers of health and beauty, cosmetics, food and beverage, lawn and garden, medicinal, nutraceutical, nutritional & vitamin supplement products utilize these labels to expand the amount of information on their existing labels.

These are truly cost effective methods to increase your shelf presence and raise your brand profile while providing as much information as possible to your consumers.

Common extended content label uses

With Advanced Labels, there are now many ways to increase the amount of information on your existing labels using folded booklet labels or expanded content labels, to provide your clients with value added information on product rebates, point of purchase discounts, recipes, multiple languages or additional product instructions, as well as MSDS reporting and much more.

Extended content coupon labels work well

Our clients have found that their product exposure, customer retention, repeat purchases, and overall viability have increased dramatically by using extended labels, all without sacrificing packaging space. In addition, instant redeemable coupon labels and extended content labels are truly interactive – providing shoppers with an "interest factor" that encourages them to make a purchase. Our clients are also utilizing these unique labels for QR codes that link the buyer to compelling online content.


We encourage our clients to explore the many opportunities available to them to improve their existing packaging with our unique label alternatives. Contact one of our knowledgeable customer service staff today and we will gladly guide you through the order process and the many options available to you for your new or existing label packaging.

Get started today and give us a call to receive the personal touch you deserve.

Our Product Gallery includes many extended labels and coupon labels that we've created for a variety of industries. Be sure to visit and to see how this amazing label construction can work for you and your product.