Why Digital Label & Sticker Priting?

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The digital revolution

Are you still listening to cassette tapes or rewinding your VHS tapes? Probably not. Like the alarm clock beside your bed, the phone in your pocket, and your television, these technologies have gone completely digital. And printing has become digital right along with them. Our digital offset printing presses are state-of-the-art, offering unmatched quality, precise registration, and vivid color matching from one label order to the next..


Once again we have committed ourselves to the next step in label printing technology. By adding HP Indigo presses to our flexographic label printing capabilities, we provide our clients with the finest in digital labels. When you see samples of our work, you’ll understand why digital printing has become the preferred label printing solution for many of our customers.


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Digital vs. offset printingDigital vs Offset Printing loupe

The proof is in the dot. When compared to conventional offset printing, digital offset far exceeds the print dot quality when magnified under a loupe. With digital label printing, "what you see is truly what you get".

HP digital ink does not absorb into paper material or expand on a film material, so the actual structure of the digitally printed dot retains the exact size and shape it was intended to be in your original art file.

Because this print method is "one shot printing" where all colors are printed at one time, perfect registration without trap lines really is perfect registration. It is this print process alone that has advanced HP digital label printing beyond conventional offset printing and other print methods as well.

Simply put, a new standard has been set with this technology that is nothing short of amazing. Advanced Labels has the best digital label printing capabilities available.


More than four

We have the unique ability to expand offset-quality 4 color process printing with IndiChrome process, which expands the CMYK color gamut by adding violet, orange and green. Why use just 4 when you can add 3 more?


Truly a green print processEarth Friendly Environmental Labels

The digital print process enables us to minimize our set up materials and print more efficiently and with far less waste than traditional printing methods. Nearly all of our digital inks are recycled and reused within the printing process itself, thus making the digital label printing process among one of the most environmentally friendly printing methods in the world today.

What's more, Advanced Labels has partnered with Waste Management to recycle 90% of all of our companies operational, manufacturing and packaging waste. Now that's truly Green and few companies can make this claim of commitment to the environment.


Digital label applications

  • Bath & Body Packaging
  • Variable Imaging
  • Seasonal & Regional Specialized Packaging
  • Special Events & Promotions
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Home Decor
  • Event Tickets


Digital stickers

At Advanced Labels, we prefer to call them digital 'labels', but yes, we produce digital 'stickers' as well. Whatever you want to call them, we consider digital label printing to be an art form. Coupled with the many unique label treatments we offer, will take your custom printed label packaging to a new level.

Look, touch, feel, buy

This is the goal of every brand designer when creating a custom digital label design with shelf appeal. Our goal is to create an eye catching digital label that grabs a buyer's attention, prompts a second look, and encourages them to pick up your product and make a purchase. When this happens, we've achieved our goal and yours. Call them digital stickers or digital labels, it's your choice. But when your product sells, we call it a masterpiece.


Allow Advanced Labels the opportunity to create a digital label masterpiece for you. Our expertise in custom digital label manufacturing makes us the perfect choice for your digital label packaging. Contact us today and request a free sample pack of digital labels.