Quick Response Codes (QR Codes)

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Custom QR Code Label ProductsWhen your label isn't large enough

Extra product details and information can be presented on the back label of the bottle, in an Extended Content Booklet Label, or through creative incorporation of a QR code.

There’s a good chance your customers have a smartphone in their pockets, and a QR code is an easy way to use that technology to your benefit. Advanced Labels offers QR code options for your high quality custom adhesive label products produced on our HP Indigo Digital Printing Presses


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QR codes are simple to create and easy to incorporate into your custom label product design. However, scanning a QR code should result in a unique experience for the consumer – don’t just send them to the home page of your website and expect them to thank you. Create mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized landing pages and reward their decision to scan the QR code with useful and/or entertaining content.


Video content is appropriate when it’s been designed and optimized for mobile streaming. Tips, compelling product information, benefits or ingredient explanations, and special offers are just a few suggestions for compelling QR code content.

QR Code Wine Label


QR codes for labels best practices

Since you have asked your customers to take an extra step towards engaging with your company and brand packaging, be sure to be mindful of their experience when scanning your QR code. The following is a comprehensive list of best practices to help your label packaging provide a positive, memorable experience.


1. Have a Reason
It’s pointless to have a QR code that ultimately gives the consumer no additional information or benefits for scanning. They’ll rightfully feel like you’ve wasted their time.


2. Link To Awesome Content
If a consumer goes through the extra effort to scan your QR code, reward them. 


3. Link To Mobile-Friendly Content
100% of consumers that scan your QR code will do so on a mobile device. Don’t dump them on a desktop optimized website.


4. Good Placement
Try not to bury your code in a busy area of the label or make it appear as an afterthought.


5. A Call To Action
Clearly spell out the benefit to the consumer if they take the extra step to scan your code.


6. Consider Including Brief Instructions
Some consumers may not be aware their phone is capable of scanning a QR code, or how to do it.


7. Size Matters
We recommend codes be no smaller than 3/4" though a full 1" code is easier to scan and more reliable.


8. Test It
It may seem obvious, but make sure your QR code scans and works the way it was intended.


A Solution For Any Custom Adhesive Label Product

QR codes can be used on any custom printed label product. If nothing else, they can be used to provide links to special offers and discounts for your products. Even better, the affordability of digital on-demand and short-run self-adhesive labels allows for targeted, seasonal or geographic promotions that won't leave you with a warehouse full of unused labels.


Advanced Labels can print custom QR codes on any label product, including wine bottle labels, distilled spirits labels, craft beer and microbrew labels, personal care labels, cosmetic labels, health & beauty labels, food labels, beverage labels, pet care labels, pet food labels and any other label product.