Variable Data & Variable Image Printing

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Different label designs within a single label order

Variable data printing, variable image printing, variable information printing or simply variable printing; you can call it VDP or VIP. We call it a great feature and one of the many benefits of digital label printing.  

Variabel Image / Data Labels

But what does it mean for your label order?

At it's most basic, you have already experienced VDP firsthand. Many of the promotional mailings delivered to your home include address areas that are printed using the VDP methods described below.  Expiration dates, lot numbers, QR codes, and name badges can all be printed as variable data. 


With VDP, you are able to include any number of versions, or differences, of a label design within a single label print run. As a simple example, if your label features an image of a flower, each label could have a completely different flower printed on it and you would only need to provide us with one version of the design. Variable imaging simply means you can vary the information or images used within the preset design of the labels being printed. An area of the label design is designated as the variable image location, and our software and digital press work together to produce as many different versions of the label design as you require.


The same flexibility applies to text on your label design. You could incorporate a quote from a famous person into your layout, and have a different quote on literally every printed label. It's easy to do. For this example, a space on the label design would be designated as the quote area, and the software would work together with the digital press to substitue different quotes on different labels.


In some cases the mailing address info is added after the printed piece is produced, but more often the variable information – in this case the name and address of the resident receiving the mailing – is done inline during the production of the piece.  


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Variable Data Custom Label Products

Practical applications of VDP for custom labels

On demand, just-in-time, digitally printed label products allow for many exciting possibilities. Seasonal promotions, targeted geographic promotions, and event marketing are just a few opportunities for using VDP to its fullest capabilities.


In the past, self-adhesive label orders required large quantities that may have resulted in overstock of unusable labels. The lightning fast turnaround of digital short run label printing allows you to order just what you need, when you need it. So if you would like to create a special product promotion in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, you can order conservative quantities rather than ordering too many to meet a large minimum order.


We offer variable printing on all custom label products, including wine labels, distilled spirits labels, craft beer and microbrew labels, personal care labels, cosmetic labels, health & beauty labels, food labels, beverage labels, pet care labels, pet food labels and any other label product.


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