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Custom embossed labels
Precision label embossing for brands

Successful custom label embossing, whether sculpted emboss, conventional flat bed emboss or rotary emboss is a craft – an art form that Advanced Labels excells in. Embossing is one of the most elegant methods for enhancing both the look and feel of your self-adhesive label designs. Properly applied embossing adds immediate interest to any label design.

Our label embossing capabilities allow us to provide you with the most cost effective alternatives for your embossed label project, each and every time. We can provide inexpensive photopolymer pattern embossing and spot embossing for your labels, or high definition sculpted embossed label products that will give your brand the attention it deserves at retail.

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Unlimited packaging possibilities with embossed labels

Whether it's your company logo, company name, selected fonts and images, or the entire label, embossing clearly separates your brand packaging from the other products on store shelves.

With our state-of-the-art rotary hot stamping unit and our flat bed embossing module, we can now print up to 10 colors (and in some cases unlimited colors). We can add decorative foil to your custom embossed labels, including sculpted embossing.

By utilizing our high definition HP Indigo digital offset or flexographic 4 color process presses and various varnish treatments, we can further differentiate your embossed labels from the masses. 



The Advanced Labels emboss advantage

  • Custom pattern embossed labels
  • Short and long embossed label runs 
  • Variable image printing spot embossing
  • Semi rotary and full rotary embossed labels
  • Flat bed sculpted and raised rounded embossed labels
  • Faster delivery, shorter time to market
  • No art design limitations   


Types of embossed labels we provide

  • Wine & spirit labels
  • Food & beverage labels
  • Health & beauty labels
  • Cosmetic & personal care labels
  • Vitamin & supplement labels
  • Nutraceutical labels
  • Lawn & garden labels
  • Home decor labels
  • Four color process labels
  • Unique custom pattern embossed labels


Embossed labels get noticed

When your labels require foil stamping, unique die cut shapes, sculpted embossing, specialty estate papers or simulated custom papers and multiple varnishes, Advanced Labels' innovative approach to enhancing your brand is rivaled by very few in the industry. We offer new and unique label treatment combinations and superior high quality graphics that your labels demand, without compromising your label performance requirements throughout the life cycle. Your custom labels are more then just another order to us; they need to be a masterpiece reflective of you and your labeled product. Allow us to produce a custom embossed label for your brand that gets noticed.


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