Environmental Sustainability

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Advanced Labels NW Environmental Sustainability

Our ongoing commitment to greener label printing

Advanced-labels-NW-Sustainability-DTGAdvanced Labels NW consistently strives to be a good environmental steward, and in the process we’ve earned nearly 50 awards for printing excellence and continuing innovation.

In addition to our partnership with DTG to recycle up to 100% of all our company waste materials, we made the switch to water based inks for flexo printing decades ago –  before it became commonplace. Despite the learning curve inherent in moving away from solvent-based inks, we remained committed to our green initiatives and quickly became a pioneer in environmentally friendly flexo printing.

WIth the addition of our Servo 3000 Re-Registration Unit, we are able to reduce our material waste even further. In addition to responsible recyling and waste reduction benefits, being a more efficient label printer allows us to pass savings on to our clients.


Digital label printing sustainability

We are proud to offer the most environmentally sensitive printing option available to our valued clients: HP Indigo Digital. Our state-of-the-art HP Indigo press isn’t just sustainable, its quality, versatility, and value make it the perfect compliment to our flexo capabilities.


Digital labels are the solution for environmentally sensitive brands and printers


Moving from conventional printed labels to digitally printed labels will have a dramatic effect on the environment


Reduction in Manufacturing Waste:

Environmentally firendly label printingAs a hypothetical example, a 200 SKU label printing run produces:

Flexography Printing Make Ready Waste:

~180,000 Linear Feet (That’s over 34 miles of manufacturing waste at 900 Linear Feet per SKU)

~42,400 Square Inches of Photopolymer

HP Indigo Digital Printing Make Ready Waste:

~7,000 Linear Feet

In this example there would be a 96% reduction in label manufacturing waste!

Reduction in Label Printing Obsolescence Waste:

Avoid label material obsolescence by printing only what you need and when you need it!

HP Indigo Digital Also has NO:

Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs)

Particulate matter emissions

Hazardous waste

Digital label printing is a green process