Flexo Boss Labels

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Flexo Boss silver simulated foil stamp and emboss label

Often imitated but never duplicated, Flexo Boss labels replace foil stamping and embossing with a clever printing technique that simulates both.

Our exclusive Flexo Boss labels are produced with a proprietary matte varnish texture to create an etched appearance on any bright metallic or foil label material. Brand owners looking to enhance their packaging in a way that would seem impractical for lower margin products now have a means of rising above their competition without breaking their label budget.

Unique design and appearance for custom labels

Flexo Boss labels are eye-catching, with high contrast between bright metallic detail in your designs, and subdued textured areas. If you are interested in an innovative and attractive label with the appearance of a shining medallion, our full-service art department can assist you, or your designer, with art file setup.

Flexo Boss labels have many applications

We produce self-adhesive Flexo Boss labels on several label materials, such as metallized silver foil, bright silver polypropylene, or silver polyester. Silver materials can be tinted to gold or any other metallic shade you need. These labels are suitable for both hand application and label machine application.

Our clients have taken advantage of this unique printing technique to produce wine labels, vitamin labels, supplement labels, nutraceutical labels, wedding and anniversary labels, cosmetic labels, holiday labels, book jacket labels, and numerous other product labels and stickers. When you need an attractive metallic label for less than conventional foil stamping and hot stamping, Flexo Boss is a one-of-a-kind solution.

Flexo Boss etched look gold labels

Advanced Labels NW is more than just another label printer. We are a dedicated label solutions provider that will continue to offer our partners new and exciting labels, decals, and stickers. We believe every self-adhesive label project is unique, and always seek to create the highest quality label packaging.

Get started today and contact us for a free label quote and free samples of this truly unique label construction, exclusively from Advanced Labels.