Ice Breaker Labels: 24 Hour Ice Water Performance From a Paper Label!

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Say goodbye to soggy labels, falling apart from moisture and cold. Say hello to Ice Breaker, the waterproof paper label.

Many labels are applied to products that require refrigeration, are served chilled, or are regularly submerged in ice water, such as white wine, champagne, and beer. Paper labels and stickers that come apart or completely fall off the bottle have posed a considerable challenge to wine, spirits, beer, and beverage producers for many years. Ice Breaker solves the soggy paper label problem once and for all.



The last thing a brand owner wants to see is a label floating off their bottle in a tasting room or restaurant ice bucket. With so much time, effort, and energy spent on brand image and label design, isn’t it time your labels performed the way you want them to? 

We’re thrilled to be able to finally offer a one of a kind, rock-solid solution to this long standing issue. We call it Ice Breaker. It's the paper label your brand and your customers deserve. Truly waterproof liquor labels, and the end of ice bucket label problems.

Ice Breaker craft beer labels


With a focus on ingenuity, creativity, innovation, and a customer first mentality, we are an industry leader responsible for developing dozens of new and innovative label products and packaging solutions. Now, we're offering a revolutionary waterproof paper label product that will finally last for the complete expected life of your bottled beverage products. And unlike some other paper labels, Ice Breaker labels will do more than simply cling to your bottles for dear life while the label design deteriorates. Even after 24 hours of complete submersion in ice water, they will look as good as new.

But don't take our word for it – we'll send you free printed samples to test for yourself!


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Finally a paper label material for beverages that works when cold and wet!

  • No Bubbling
  • No Edge Lifting
  • No Discoloration
  • No Floating Off the Bottle When Submerged or Refrigerated

Ice Breaker With AquaLoc™ 100 Waterproof Adhesive is truly an amazing breakthrough for craft beer, distilled spirits, and wine label packaging. Say goodbye to soggy labels forever.

Seeing is believing. Ready to test these breakthrough waterproof labels for yourself? We've created a comprehensive step-by-step method for performance testing your current label material and our new Ice Breaker labels. Download it for free now

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