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Frequently Asked Questions about label printing

The following commonly asked questions have been organized by label types and their respective industry. Many of the following questions and their answers are applicable across many pressure sensitive label types and industries. If you are unable to locate the answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800) 877-4312. 



Alcohol Labels


1. Will your art department check the font size on my alcohol label design?

Our art department typically confirms that the Government Warning statement, volume, Varietal Name, Appellation Name, Vintage, Contains Sulfites statement, and the Produced and Bottled by statements are a minimum of 2mm (.0787”) in height.

Note: The Government Warning statement also has to have the text “Government Warning” in a bolder font than the rest of the statement and the text cannot exceed 25 characters per inch.



2. What can I change on my wine label, cider label, or spirits label without having to resubmit the label design to TTB?

Allowable revisions can be found on the TTB website.


The TTB Beverage Alcohol Manual contains the complete spirits labeling requirements.



3. Do I need to have a bar code on my label?

While we do not require your self adhesive labels to have a barcode, one may be required on your labels if your product will reside on retail store shelves. Unless you plan to only sell your goods in small quantities at a Farmer's Market, you may need to generate unique barcodes for each of your products. 



4. How do I get a barcode for my labels?

Step one is a paid membership to the gatekeeper for all things barcode. You will need to head over to the GS1 US website and pay to join. Every retail barcode in the United States and 107 other countries is assigned by GS1. As a paid member of GS1 you will receive your own unique identification number, which will appear in the first part of your 12-digit UPC number.

More information can be found on our blog: How To Make UPC Barcodes For Your Labels.



E-Juice Labels


1. Why does it matter if my bottles are glass or plastic?

Plastic, squeezable bottles require labels to be printed on a material that is engineered to bend and conform to the bottle when squeezed to prevent wrinkling and lifting. Without having this information prior to your order being placed, we may quote your project on the incorrect label material which could result in labels that fail during use (slide off, wrinkle or bubble, etc). It is best to provide this information at the point of your initial request to avoid poor label performance

You can read more about common label problems and solutions here.




2. How do I get the best price on my label order?

There are many label design options for e-juice labels that can reduce cost. Often there will be multiple versions for e-juice between the different flavors and nicotine levels. Each change in graphics, including only changing the nicotine level, is considered a new version and will incur a fee for production set up. Reducing the amount of versions that you are printing by listing the nicotine levels on each label and hand marking or hole punching the appropriate nicotine levels on your labels will also minimize your cost.


Another consideration to achieve a better price for your pressure sensitive labels is to design them to be the same size to fit your 15ml and 30ml bottles. We are able to print multiple versions, or flavors, on the same order as long as they are the same size. Once your size changes it becomes a new order and you will need to pay the set up fees again. Combining your labels to be the same size will garner a better price per label.




3. Why is it so expensive to run just 1,000 labels?

When ordering our minimum order of 1,000 labels your total cost will largely be due to set up costs on press. Once these initial costs are paid you will see a significantly better price per label as your quantities increase.




4. What type of label material should I use for my vape labels?

We recommend using a plastic film label material called polypropylene for vape labels due to the tight diameter on 15ml or 30ml bottle. Paper is thicker than polypropylene and will naturally want to lay flat so when it is applied to one of these small bottles it will lift rather than staying adhered.




5. Can I do a short run first of all my flavors because I don’t know which flavors are going to sell best? I only want about 20 of each.

You are able to print as many or as few versions as you like, provided your order meets our 1,000 label minimum order requirements. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that there is a fee for each copy change, and printing multiple versions across 1,000 labels can be quite expensive. It is recommended to print at least 200 labels per version in order to get a price per label that makes sense for the product you’re selling.




Health & Beauty, Cosmetic, and Personal Care Labels


1. I would like a natural or matte look for my label, like a wine label. What type of label material choices do you have for cosmetic labels?

The most common label material option for cosmetic labels is a film polypropylene, which is a plastic material, rather than paper. This material is water resistant and holds up best in the wet and humid environment that many cosmetic labels are exposed to. We do not recommend using a paper material as it will not perform well in this type of environment. The look and feel of your label will be determined by your label design and the type of protective varnish or laminate you require. Please contact us to request samples if you’d like to see our label material and finishing options that we have available.




2. What if I want to add foil to my labels and I have many different sizes and colors? What are my options?

The most economical way of achieving a foiled look across multiple sizes and varieties is to have your labels printed on a silver label material. Although, we do have foil stamping and cold foil capabilities in a variety of color shades. We also offer an innovative Flexo Boss solution that may be a prefect alternative application for foil. Simply give us a call or submit a request for samples.




3. I am trying to put a clear label on a frosted bottle and want a matte finish that matches the bottle. What do you recommend?

Frosted or colored bottles can be tricky to label for multiple reasons when using clear labels. The bottles may not be completely smooth and air bubbles may form between the label and the bottle. The color of the bottle may interfere with the color of your print, making them hard to read or changing the print to an undesirable color.

We highly recommend material testing on your bottles whenever you have a unique or challenging bottle to label, such as frosted, brown amber, cobalt blue, or HDPE (high-density polyethylene) bottles.

Sending us your bottle for evaluation is also recommended, so we can help determine the best label material and proper label fit. We want you to love your labels, so allow us to guide you with our experience!




Label Art & Editing


1. What is a corner radius?

A corner radius is the amount of curve that each corner of your label has. Please refer to the following diagram:

24 label corner radius chart - click for PDF




2. What is the difference between a “roll rewind direction” referenced on our proofs and the “unwind position” referenced on our label quotes?

They are the same and they represent the direction and copy orientation that your labels will come off of the finished roll when you receive them. If you are having your labels automatically applied please make sure the roll rewind direction on your proofs is compatible with your application process because it will determine how your labels will appear on your container or bottle.

Label rewind direction chart




3. What format do you prefer my artwork files to be provided in?

We use Adobe Illustrator for our design work and this is our preferred method for receiving files.



4. What if I don’t have Adobe Illustrator – can you use my art files?

If you do not have Adobe Illustrator please send the files that you do have for our review. In many cases we are able to convert your art file into a format that is compatible with label prepress production. It is also recommended that you provide us with the native files from the software program that your art file was originally created in with all layers unlocked and the links and fonts included.




5. My designer or former label printer closed up shop and moved to Tahiti. I cannot get my original art files. All I have are these low-resolution jpeg images. Can you help me?

Our art department can rebuild your art files in most cases. The art time required is quoted on a case-by-case basis. Send an email to or call 800-877-4312 to discuss your options and get a quote.




6. Why do you need the fonts if I’m not changing any copy in my label art files?

Fonts may be required for your artwork to properly be processed by most prepress software. It is best to provide fonts if possible, or if no edits are required, a file with the fonts set up as “outlined fonts” may be submitted.




7. Why do art file images occasionally get moved or resized on my label artwork proofs?

Art files may need to be adjusted to meet the printing specifications of our presses. Art files may also need to be manipulated to reduce the number of plates required to produce the job by using common elements. This will translate into a cost savings to you.




8. How do I know what my art charges will be?

Art files can vary greatly from one to another, and art charges are estimated on a case by case basis. Your art files are reviewed by the Advanced Labels art department, and they will estimate the time needed to make the necessary adjustments and edits. Your billing will match the art department estimate in most cases, unless you request additional revisions.




9. My art files are too big to email. How can I get them to you?

You can upload large art files to our file upload center. Instructions will be provided by your account manager upon request.




Label Design


1. I need someone to help me put my label art together. How do your design services work?

You can discuss your project with us! If you have done business with us before please contact your account manager. If you are new, please go to our Contact Us page, fill out our form, and tell us what you’re looking for.

You can also call us at 800-877-4312. We need to understand the scope of your project in order to determine the depth of the design services required. Our design team can oversee your label project from start to finish, or use assets and art files that you provide. Our designers are experts in art file creation and always build files that are truly press ready.




2. How do I request a label design quote?

Use our Contact Us form to start the process or call us at 800-877-4312. Please include a brief review of your project and its scope, along with any assets or additional info. This will allow our designers to generate a design estimate for you.




3. How do I know how much the label design will cost?

Design services are $150.00 per hour and the time required will be quoted based on your project prior to starting your design job. The design quote will cover the costs to create the design and include up to 2 revisions. Additional edits or design requests will require evaluation and possibly a new design quote.




4. Do I pay for my label design before I see it?

A 50% deposit is required before work begins.




5. What if I don’t like my label design?

We aim to please, but if after the design phase and up to 2 revisions you are not satisfied, the balance of the design fees are waived. The 50% deposit is kept to cover labor costs; the files created remain the property of the designer.




6. Do I own the label design files after I pay for them? Can I use the art on other things such as my website?

For completed, accepted and paid in full design projects, the files and rights are yours. In cases where stock photos or imagery are used, additional licenses may be required for use on websites etc. Otherwise, the final art files and designs are yours to keep. We can also help you with web ready imagery, etc.




7. Do you do design work for things other than labels?

Although we primarily print labels, we do offer design services for projects other than labels. Your project MUST include the label design, but we can help you with other items in addition to these. For example, if you have a supplement label designed, but also need a pamphlet, brochure, boxes, magazine ad, or stationary designed we can create the print ready files for you as well. You can discuss this with our designer once your initial label project is quoted.




8. What if I want to print my labels somewhere else? Can you just design them for me?

As a matter of ethical practice, we do not design labels for other printers to print. It is always preferred from a practical standpoint for our designers to create your label artwork specific to our presses and capabilities





Label Engineering


1. Your order minimum is 1,000 labels. Can I order multiple sizes to meet 1,000? Can I order multiple quantities?

If your labels are all the same size they can be placed on the same order and you are able to split the amount per version however you would like. If you are ordering two versions at 1,000 labels you can order 500 of each or 800 of one and 200 of the other, as an example.

While we are able to produce multiple versions simultaneously across the printed web, this method may not always be cost effective for you. It’s important to keep in mind that there are costs involved for each copy change on press and this can add up quickly. We will always seek the most cost effective method to produce your labels and advise you when these situations arise.




Label Estimates


1. How do I read my label quote? For example, the quote says 5 items and the quantities are 1,000 through 5,000. If I use the 5,000 column for pricing, does that mean I need to order 5,000 of each item for a total of 25,000 labels or it is just a total of 5,000 labels combined?

Most often when preparing a quote we will provide you with multiple price breaks to show you what the cost will be when ordering higher quantities. The price per label, or the per unit cost, is much lower at 5,000 labels than at 1,000 labels and it is good to have this information when first ordering your labels. The quantities listed on the estimate are the total labels across the 5 items.




2. Do I have to order the exact same number of each item? For example, if I want to order 5 different items of 5,000 total labels do I need to order 1,000 of each label version or can I order 500 of one version, 2,500 of another, etc. to combine for a total of 5,000 labels?

When placing your order you are able to divide the quantity across your different versions however you would like, as long as it equals the amount being ordered.




3. What does “M” mean, next to the quantity on my label quote?

The “M” means per thousand.




4. Will I be charged for anything else that does not appear on my label estimate?

We will never surprise you with charges. All fees will be listed on the estimate and if, for any reason, there are additional fees incurred during processing your order we will always get your approval prior to charging you.




5. How do I place a label order?

We require purchase orders to process all label art design projects and label orders. This can be done using the label order form that we send when you request an estimate if you do not generate purchase orders in house.




6. How do I pay for my label order?

Once your order has been placed our accounting department will contact you to arrange payment. You will be sent a credit card form and can choose to leave your card on file for future orders or to authorize it for a one-time payment.




7. How long will it take to print my order and receive my labels?

Our schedule is very fluid and is determined largely by the time of year. Our standard 'turn time' is 5 – 10 working days depending upon the project. We are a high volume label manufacturer and during various peak seasons our schedule can vary by a week or so.

Always check with your account manager prior to placing an order and let them know if you have a specific deadline for your labels to be produced. At Advanced Labels we make every effort to meet our stated delivery times, avoid making commitments we cannot keep, and always run label orders as early as our schedule permits.




8. Do you offer rush service on label printing?

Please call or email for our current turn time. If you have a specific date you need to receive a label by please let us know. We always try to accommodate rush orders when possible without rush charges but until we have all of the details finalized and your order is placed with us we cannot provide a firm ship date. Providing us with as much information as possible up front about your label deadline will help us give you a realistic turn time and potential associated costs .