Label Varnish Treatments & Laminates

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Special spot varnishes protect labels

We provide a wide range of hang tag & label materials and custom self-adhesive labels for every application, as well as topcoat varnishes and film laminates for ultimate label protection. Our varnish and laminates are often used for more than just protection, as shown in the image above, special treatments can also be used to elevate your label designs.


Label protection with varnishes and laminates

We protect our paper labels with protective varnishes, or a laminate option if your label will see a lot of abuse or moisture. Each label project we print takes into consideration the needs and environmental conditions your labels will be exposed to.

Varnishes and laminates help protect your labels from scuffs and scratches, which most often occurs when labeled products are shipped long distances in containers with inadequate packaging. It might also happen if the shipping box is packed loosely so that your containers can rub against each other.


Label rub resistance for extra durability

For wine labels, we perform a “rub test”, during which the treated label is continuously rubbed with a small piece of cardboard to ensure it can withstand shipping conditions. When varnish isn’t enough, a laminate can produce rub-resistant labels that will withstand a lot of abuse.

If you have a cosmetic product or a chemical cleaner, a film stock such as polypropylene protected by a laminate is a great option. We want to make sure any drips or spills don't smear your label.

A laminate can help protect labels that see cold temperatures from condensation and frost. Let us know if you have any concerns about these issues, and be sure to communicate any unique storage or shipping conditions your printed labels may be exposed to. If there are any questions at all about whether or not a material is right for the job testing a few samples is a good idea. We use unique and proven varnish and laminate options to protect our film labels as we do for our paper labels.


Special effects with label varnishes and laminates

Varnish and lamination are great for label protection, but they are also excellent options for enhancing your label designs.

We have the capability to add multiple water based and UV “spot varnishes”. Spot varnishes are varnish coatings that are applied to specific areas of your label. You even have the option to use different varnishes together on the same label. For example, a high gloss varnish can be applied to one specific object or text, helping it stand out, and another area on the same label can feature a dull matte varnish. The contrast between the two can be very visually appealing.

All our varnish coatings are available in matte, satin, and gloss to create special effects throughout your label artwork.

Gloss laminated label protection

In addition to our special varnish treatments, we offer clear film laminates in matte and gloss. The appearance of lamination can really enhance a label design.


Label appearance and performance

When all is said and done, your labels need to be protected, and that protection can look great. If you need a little more protection than what a flood varnish might offer, we have a number of gloss and matte laminate options.We also offer thermal transfer imprintable varnishes and laminates. Our Account Mangers can help you decide what will work best for your label application. Whatever your needs, Advanced Labels has you covered.


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