Extend-a-label: Peel and Reseal

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Why use multi-layered labels?

Extend-a-labelWhen you need more label space, Advanced Labels has a clever multi-layered label solution for your custom bottle labels.

Our 2-in-1, peel and reseal 2-ply Extend-a-label is a hinged (or unhinged) label that offers up to 3x more label space on your products. If you need even more label space, consider our booklet labels, offering up to 8 full label panels!

You can include multiple language translations, nutrition information, regulatory information, additional product information, and company information. These labels are also commonly used for sweepstakes, promotions, customer reply labels on post cards and mailers, dual-purpose medical form labels for documentation, business card and credit card replies, and return authorization labels, and to include AR codes or QR codes.

With more than 25 years of self-adhesive label printing experience, Advanced Labels stands ready to assist you with your custom label project.


How multi-layered labels are made

A multi-layered Extend-a-label is basically an adhesive label on top of another adhesive label. It can be connected on one side, creating a hinge, and peeled up to reveal an additional label underneath. The bottom layer contains a strong adhesive, holding the entire label securely to your product. The top layer uses a unique adhesive that allows shoppers to peel back the top layer, read the additional info underneath, and seal it up again easily, again and again.

You can click and drag with your mouse on any of the samples to the right to simulate the effect. Extend-a-labels are available in many shapes and sizes. They are easily machine applied and are a cost effective alternative to enlarging your existing labels or changing over to bigger containers.

Extend-a-labels can be produced with up to 6 colors. These custom bottle labels can also be produced as blank, color tinted or fully printed. Extend-a-labels can be removed and reapplied to another form, product or postcard, depending on your label application.

Perfect multi-layered labels for any product

These clever 2-ply hinged labels make a great addition to your existing label product for cosmetic labelshealth & beauty labelsvitamin & supplement labels, food, beverage, & bottle labels, lawn & garden labels, industrial labels, nutrition labels, nutraceutical labels, and even bottle neck hang tags. These multi-panel labels can be printed on durable, squeezable, waterproof film or paper label material

Hinged labels and unhinged labels

We will also create Extend-a-labels without a hinge for your unique label application. An Extend-a-label without a hinge is the same in every way, except when you peel the top label back it can be completely removed. The top label can still be resealed, it is simply no longer attached to the base label.

See for yourself with free extend-a-label samples

2-ply or hinged Extend-a-labels offer an affordable way to increase customer response and brand interaction, manage accurate documentation on forms, promote your product, and encourage product registration. Set yourself apart from the competition with high-quality label solutions from Advanced Labels.

Contact us for a 2-ply Extend-a-label quote and samples of this clever and diverse label.