Pattern Embossed Labels

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Custom isolated pattern emboss

What is pattern embossing?

Pattern embossed labels are meticulously crafted to emulate the look and feel of high-end label materials, which can cover the entire label surface and cleverly accent any label design.

We have many eye catching and interesting pattern embossing textures, and we're able to create custom textures specifically for you. Pattern embossing is a unique printing method for self-adhesive labels, and one we are proud to have been on the forefront of developing. Our clients rely on Advanced labels to continuall innovate, elevating brands at retail.

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Put simply, a pattern emboss is cost-saving technique used to naturally and believably duplicate the look and feel of an existing label material, such as:  

  • Eggshell Felt
  • Classic Linen
  • White Felt
  • Estate 8
  • Classic Laid
  • Estate 4 


Eggshell felt pattern emboss

Where is pattern embossing applied?

We can apply embossing patterns to any label material that can accept an emboss, such as paper or paper foil. The results are beautiful three-dimensional emulations of textures from popular and exotic papers, or virtually any texture you can imagine. It’s a special finishing option that you can see and feel, guaranteed to add a “wow factor” to any label design.

Your entire label can be pattern embossed, or you can apply this effect to only certain areas of your design to create dynamic, contrasting designs, like the red square example below.

Linen pattern emboss


We developed the pattern embossing process in response to consumer demand for unique and affordable label solutions that could be successful in the ultra-competitive retail shelf space. The genesis of this innovation is as relevant today as it was then, and we have produced hundreds of thousands of pattern embossed labels using dozens of custom patterns. Simply put, pattern embossing allows us to simulate expensive label materials, and create completely unique label textures.

Pattern embossing - Uses and applications

As mentioned above, pattern embossing is commonly used to duplicate the look and feel of a specific paper. It’s also used to create original patterns or textures unavailable on standard label materials. In the example below the label material looks like distressed copper.

Patterns can be natural and organic, structural, symetrical, or technical. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. Our art and production staff have collaborated with designers and clients alike to produce dozens of unique patterns. And we have the capability to produce completely new custom patterns for your specific project and self-adhesive label need.

Custom pattern emboss and finishing

Like many of our special finishing and treatment options, pattern embossing can and should be combined with other effects to create a truly stunning label. Combining a pattern emboss with one or more spot varnishes can highlight a specific area of your label design.   

At Advanced Labels we can produce pattern embossing for multiple industries and markets, including wine, spirits, craft beer, prime labels for food, health & beauty, personal care, and more.

Estate 9 pattern emboss

How pattern embossed labels are made

Whether we are duplicating an existing paper or creating a never before seen pattern, the process starts with your vision and our talented art department. Our artists have many years of experience creating pattern embossed label designs, invaluable skills when developing these technically challenging finishes.

Custom pattern emboss edge

The art files are used to create “male” and “female” plates or dies. As with any embossing, a male/female set of interlocking plates or dies is required to create the raised emboss image. The art file for each pattern has to be meticulously created so that the desired pattern represents the client’s vision and can be held by both the embossing plates or dies and the label material to be embossed. Understanding the limitations of the tools and materials used to create a pattern emboss is crucial to achieving the best possible results.

Contact Advanced Labels NW for sample patterns and printed embossed label samples, and find out for yourself how you can implement this very unique embossing capability on your next label project.

Pattern emboss samples, textures