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To stay competitive on crowded store shelves, take your labels to the next level with rotary screen printing. There are a myriad of special finishing options available to our clients who would like to take advantage of this unique label finishing capability.

Advanced Labels offers the most comprehensive label printing solutions available, a myriad of customization options, and the proven experience to guide your project from concept to completion. Rotary screen printing is one of the many ways we can bring your labels to life.

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Rotary screen printing from Advanced Labels NW

Screen print labels

Rotary screen printing is a combination of technology and equipment that brings eye-popping special effects to your product labels. Even a slight advantage on the retail shelf can have a huge impact on your sales, and rotary screen printing is the ultimate secret weapon in the battle for shopper's attention.


With rotary screen printing, you have the opportunity to add powerful special effects to your labels with perfect registration. This means the effects available for your labels can be applied to the finest details of your design. 

>> More Tech: Servo 3000 re-registration capabilities are also available for your labels


Our clients are taking advantage of these rotary screen printing features right now:


Rotary screen printing has super opaque whites

Super opaque whites

Essential for clear label materials, in order to produce the "no label look" where your designs appear to be printed directly on your bottles. Without super opaque whites light can penetrate a clear label, causing your designs to appear faded or washed out.


Vibrant intense colors with rotary screen printing

Vibrant, intense label colors

Screen printing lays down more ink than other label printing processes. When darker label materials cause colors to appear dull or faded, our rotary screen printing solution creates stunning colors with excellent coverage and strong contrast.


Get ultra-fine details with Advanced Labels screen printing

Ultra-fine label details

The precise registration of rotary screen printing brings an incredible level of control to custom label printing, including raised text and lines and crystal clear print as small as 2pt type!


 Tactile label varnishes

Tactile label varnishes

Tactile spot varnish and other special varnishes can completely change the appearance and character of your screen print labels. Tactile labels compel shoppers to interact with your products– to literally pick them up, and connecting customers with your products is the primary goal of effective labels. Tactile printing and thick transparent varnish can be used to produce braille for labels, meeting regulatory requirements for the visually impaired and blind.


Sculpted look with raised printing

Get the sculpted look with raised printing

Raised printing or "thermography" creates a sculpted effect on text and images so they rise above the label's surface. The result is an eye-catching high gloss area, one you may have seen on labels such as lip gloss packaging where thermography is used on the image of a person's lips to create a wet look or nail polish labels where the thermography sculpted look is used to make the image of a painted fingernail shine. Raised thermography creates attention-grabbing 3D effects for your labels.


Rotary screen printing offers foil alternatives

A viable alternative to hot foil for labels

The precise registration, sculpted look, and unmatched ink coverage of screen printing allows us to offer an affordable alternative to hot foil for gold and silver. Consider adding the coveted hot foil stamp look to your next label project with screen printing. Raised shiny metallic effects are always an effective way to grab a shopper's attention. 


UV curable inks hold up under pressure!

UV curable inks

UV curable inks have a glossy appearance and an ability to withstand contact with materials like oils, chemicals, alcohol, and cosmetic products. UV curable inks and varnishes also provide resistance to solvents and good resistance in the dishwasher.


Ask Advanced labels about rotary screen printing for your labels

Screen print labels are available now for brand owners looking to entice buyers with stunning packaging. In the ultra competitive wine business, the booming distilled spirits market, for beverage bottle labels, health & beauty or personal care products, nutritional supplements, specialty labels, and much more. And, in addition to the many benefits described above, screen printed labels can include scratch-off inks for promotions and giveaways, and even glitter (exclusively for the most fabulous labels).


Screen print is just one of our superior label solutions. Be sure to explore our complete capabilities and contact us if we can be of assistance with your next label project. A label specialist will help you select label materials, adhesives, and special treatments, and provide a free custom label quote or free label samples of award-winning labels we have produced. Visit our Product Gallery to browse a few of our label printing samples.