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Servo 3000 label printing precision


Hitting the bullseye, our commitment to custom product labels

New digitally precise controls integrated with our conventional flexographic presses have revolutionized flexo label printing for our clients and partners.


Brand owners have had an incredible response to these enhanced label products and label printing processes. The addition of a new Servo 3000 Re-registration Unit keeps Advanced Labels on the cutting edge of label printing. We are constantly looking for new technology and innovative solutions for your brand and labeled products.


Servo 3000: What it is

The Servo 3000 is a state-of-the-art digital re-registration system, added to our conventional flexographic presses. This provides us with the ability to re-register a preprinted label web onto another with precise print registration.

By adding digital calibration and extremely tight print tolerance controls to the flexo label printing press, we are able to extend our product line of flexographic and digital label packaging. This marriage of digital and flexo technologies provides more efficient label press runs with reduced waste, and expands our capabilities beyond that of the average label printing company.


Servo 3000: What it does for your labels

Servo 3000 unlimited label colorsThe Servo 3000 monitors label print registration with unmatched digital precision and accuracy, constantly adjusting the tension of the printed web (the roll of material that is fed through the various stages of the press). Todays flexographic printing presses have a minimal amount of registration movement that can fluctuate during print runs, but the Servo 3000 reduces these tension fluctuations, ensuring the printed image and material registers perfectly – regardless of press speed or changes in material tolerances. 


Servo 3000: Why it matters to you, your brand, and your labels

Though much of the information on this page is technical in detail, what the Servo 3000 technology provides is unmatched label registration, and additional hybrid printing capabilities. The system further enhances our digital printing, offline embossing and foil stamping while reducing both time and waste. We will utilize this equipment when appropriate, when engineering your label order with the optimal combination of cost, quality, and speed. Ask a label specialist about Servo 3000 functionality for your next label order.


Servo 3000: Two machines in oneServo 3000 Precision Registration

The re-registration capabilities of the Servo 3000 also allows us to run your labels back through the press a second or third time to add additional colors or varnish treatments. You are no longer limited by the existing number of print stations on the press because your labels can now be run through this equipment multiple times. An added bonus is the capability to re-register additional diecuts and cut single labels. The Servo 3000 has effectively converted our 10 color flexo presses into an unlimited color flexo / digital hybrid printing press with the unmatched print registration accuracy of a digital finishing press.


Added label manufacturing capabilities 

The following are just a few of the many new product offerings and capabilities this new equipment allows us to offer:


We are very excited to share this impressive addition to our label printing equipment with our clients. Please contact your account manager to discuss the new packaging capabilities we have to offer, or if you have any further questions.