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Simply Textured™ scales texture

Revolutionary Simply Textured™ by Advanced Labels NW is a richly textured, squeezable product line of film labels perfectly suited for cosmetic and health & beauty packaging, personal care packaging, and food or beverage packaging.

This proprietary product is offered exclusively by Advanced Labels in response to a growing customer desire for a label material that could bring the tactile luxury of wine labels to a variety of other markets.


An Innovative Approach to Custom Labeling

Brand owners in any industry seeking self-adhesive labels with a unique look and feel should consider our new line of Simply Textured™ film label materials. The textures are tactile and the material is available in white, with the ability to print any desired color. Matching textures with color and foil and varnish treatments makes for an eye-catching label presentation– a critical factor on competitive shelf space.


We are currently offering Simply Textured™ in the following textures, with free pre-printed samples available right now:


  • Simply Textured™ black leather textureLeather – Our crisp leather texture pairs well with any color (shown at right and shown below)
  • Chaos – A rough, earthy texture
  • Strands – Simulating naturally flowing hair curls (shown below)
  • Estate – A texture similar to a classic wine label paper
  • Tapestry – Tightly interlocking diamond like points
  • Scales – Graceful interlocking rows or arches (shown above)
  • Hex – Overlapping hexagons make a modern impression
  • Sunrise – Nested circles convey a real sense of depth and dimension
  • Celtic Knot – A classic texture of interlocking rings
  • Waves - Seamless transitioning waves create a calming texture

While online images are not the best method of capturing the dynamic textures available, we have provided visual reference at the bottom of this page. Be sure to request the pre-printed samples in order to see and feel for yourself the impact Simply Textured™ labels can make for your brand!

A Strong and Versatile Label Solution

Simply Textured™ labels offer strong adhesion to your containers, yet remain flexible enough to be used on squeezable tubes without creasing or deforming. The lack of "label memory" makes Simply Textured™ ideal for neck labels and cap & closure bands– a challenging application for labels that often want to pop up from the container surface.

Simply Textured™ red leather texture

We have also had excellent results with our product resistant tests, making these labels ideal for applications where products such as oils and chemical ingredients may contact the label. As with any demanding application, brand owners are highly encouraged to perform testing with their specific application.


An Affordable New Labeling Opportunity

Simply Textured™ is an affordable label solution, despite the variety of appropriate applications and versatility of this innovative label material. We will enthusiastically provide pre-printed sample labels for your testing and assessment, and happily discuss the myriad ways this unique material can be used to elevate your brand image.

Simply Textured™ strands texture

simply textured all textures

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