Tamper Evident Security Labels

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Tamper Evident Security label Printing


Proven protection for your brand

tamper evident labels for security

Self-adhesive tamper evident security labels are an excellent, proven method of protection from counterfeiting of or tampering with your product.

These labels are produced on "void" material or destructible vinyl and cannot be removed without showing evidence of a broken seal. When removal is attempted, either the label destructs as with our destructible vinyl label or a "void" or checkerboard pattern is left behind. In either case, you and your customers will be secure in knowing that your labeled product is protected.


Suitable for any product In need of security labeling

Tamper evident security labels are used for software packaging, in the electronics industry for calibration records, as retail sale labels, asset labels, ID labels, as well as labels for healthcare products, vitamin & dietary supplements, nutraceutical products, tracking labels, and various other types of security labels. With over 25 years of self-adhesive label printing experience, you can trust Advanced Labels to provide the highest quality label products.

Advanced Labels can produce security labels in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colors and on a roll in small quantities. We can also consecutively number or include barcodes on these labels for additional security and tracking purposes.


Need help with your labels? Ask a label specialist

Advanced Labels can assist you with selecting a tamper evident security label material that best suits your security needs. Our talented graphic design team can provide you with the guidance you may need to prepare your artwork and our knowledgeable customer service team is available to assist you in processing your order.

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