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Testimonials and referrals are the ultimate compliment for any business. We are very grateful for our clients and the relationships we've enjoyed with them over the years, and grateful for the many letters of thanks that we receive. Ongoing relationships with our valued clients are the cornerstone of our customer service driven label printing operation.

In my 15+ years in the graphic arts business, I have to rate you in the top 1% of people I've worked with. Every time we had a change, or a need, you focused on making it happen, not explaining why it was impossible. You went to bat for us, even at the expense of upsetting production and made the deal happen. We look like heroes to our customer. Thanks to you and everyone else at Advanced Labels.    

What with advancing in years (means "old curmudgeon") and being possessed of high standards for personal responsibility in business , I tend to take no prisoners when it comes to service - with our outfit, either you're good or you're out. We're pretty picky about the folks with whom we work. In several dealings with Advanced Labels NW over the past few years, I've come to appreciate and even treasure their work. They're among our finest partners in business. Art quality, fidelity of interpretation, design assistance, accounting, account management - even just answering the 'phone - all are accomplished with the highest degree of professionalism and friendly personal assistance. Not only that, but work output is timely and honestly elegant. In my opinion, it's combinations of that nature that support not only successful business, but future prospects for a successful country. We're privileged to be among their customers, and would recommend them to anyone. Just ask. 
– John Popp, Derma Ice

I can't say enough great things about Advanced Labels NW... Our company was under a time crunch to print new labels - we encountered numerous obstacles along the way that were dealt with promptly and professionally. Planning, execution, and follow up were top of class. I would recommend this company to anyone. Thanks Advanced Labels NW! 
– Joshua, Owner

As a wine brand owner of both import and domestic labels, I have had many opportunities to deal with printers worldwide. From day one, Advanced Labels had produced high quality labels on schedule and in a cost effective manner. Each step of the process has been expertly explained and now I feel so much more comfortable in several kinds of label production processes. Advanced Labels has always kept my specific needs in mind and in doing so they have helped me make my new brands come to life. I am a loyal customer and moreover a big fan.

I am extremely satisfied with my experience with Advanced Labels. I often wait until the last minute to order my labels and I can always count on the Advanced Labels team to meet or beat my timeline, every time.

Advanced Labels has provided my winery with flawless labels of the highest quality. From competent and caring staff, a creative and willing art department to timely production, Advanced Labels has taken a few things off my plate to worry about in regards to packaging. Thank you.

Advanced Labels may be clear across the country, but I find the service, quality and pricing are much better than any other label printer here locally, plus the orders are always on time! My customers are always pleased--what more could you want?

Whoever said "You can't have it all"?

Sometimes our clientele has come up with crazy requirements and impossible deadlines to meet. Kevin, and everyone else involved, have always responded in a positive manner--no matter how difficult!

We are so pleased with the labels. Thank you for doing such an excellent job on the color match and size. It's nice to see that some companies are still interested in doing quality work. Bravo, kudos and all that good stuff!

You've always come through for us over and above the norm. Always on time, always consistent with everything you do. Thanks to everyone at Advanced Labels.

Many times you have bailed me out when my clients have been in a jam. Special material solutions, quick turn times and exceptional quality have really saved the day for us. As always, thanks for all of your efforts.

Advanced Labels provides us with the best quality and exceptional service. When we need the best we have no doubt who to go to.
 Mark Trumper, Maverick Label

I consider Advanced Labels to be a fundamental partner in our network of vendors and would encourage any serious distributor to use them.

Thanks for making the label printing process so easy and fun. It's nice to be able to get help from such a wonderful group of people. The world needs more people like you! Thanks for everything.

The labels look fantastic! Please let everyone involved know that we appreciate the quality of these labels so much and have already had numerous comments signifying that your company did a great job for us. Response was great, and that is what we were hoping for. Thanks so much to all of you who worked with us on this really tight time line to get this project accomplished. We will absolutely be happy to remain with you guys as customers in the future, and we hope that future holds lots of expansion as our company grows.

I received the coffee bag labels you all produced for me and I have to tell you "thank you". The labels look great! Thanks for getting them out in plenty of time to meet our product launch. I really appreciate all your hard work and professionalism on this project and I look forward to working with you as we grow.

Thank you for the beautiful labels you produced for our Grand Opening last night. We wish you were here to appreciate the response the labels received. Please extend my sincere gratitude to your team for their hard work. The labels were the Star of our first class packing. Looking forward to working with you again.

Thank you guys so much!!! We have gotten really great feedback on our labels. Everyone loves them. Thanks for the really high quality work you've done for us. You have truly helped us to put our finest foot forward, image wise, and I have a feeling things are going to really take off for us now. Thanks again to your entire staff.

Advanced Labels consistently provides high quality labels at competitive rates with fast turn around. They are very knowledgeable of labeling regulations and are very easy to work with.

Quick turnaround time is one of my priorities when I am choosing a label printer. With Advanced Labels, I know that our wine labels will deliver when we need them and that the labels will always look great.

The labels worked out just great and the material you selected is perfect! The labels look better than our [other supplier's] labels. We're very satisfied. Thank you for a good job.