Promotional Labels & Tags

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promotional labels and window stickers

Promotional labels typically include coupons, tickets & hang tags, cling labels, bumper stickers, and miscellaneous branded event decals.


Advanced Labels is here to assist you with promotional label printing. We are equipped to provide practical and cost effective label solutions for all of your needs, with decades of self-adhesive label printing experience.


Clean release coupon labels and IRC labelsCoupon labels

Instant Redeemable Coupon labels (IRCs), are a proven way to attract attention to your products on the shelf.

Coupon labels provide opportunities for rebates, sweepstakes, discounts, additional information about your product, and countless other ways to become more interactive with shoppers.

IRCs can be produced with up to 8 total colors and on nearly any label material for auto or hand application.


Printed bottle neck hang tags

Hang tags & tickets

We create tickets, hang tags, bottle neck tags/hangers/cards for a variety of uses. Tickets and tags are produced for promotions and special events, for recipes and offers, or to simply enhance your custom bottle labels on the shelf.


We  offer a unique pop-up neck tag design to accent your custom product labels. The pop-up hang tag creates a more visually interesting point-of-sale display by popping-up the normally cut away section as a display area.    


Our pop up bottle neck hang tags are offered in 2 sizes: 2.75" x 4.5" and a longer 2.5" x 6" (shown at right) for messages and offers that require more space. You can download templates for both sizes below. Custom sizes are available upon request, please contact us for more information.


Bottle neck cards and hang tag templates (right click to save):hang tags on bottles of beer

2.75x4.5 small standard hang tag dieline for bottle necks
2.75 x 4.5
2.75x4.5 small pop-up hang tag dieline for bottle necks
2.75 x 4.5
Pop Up
2.5x6 standard hang tag dieline for bottle necks
2.5 x 6
2.5x6 pop-up hang tag dieline for bottle necks
2.5 x 6
Pop Up



Window cling labels

These labels are used for parking permits, beverage cold cases, promotional products, and for virtually any type of window advertising. They are produced on clear or white vinyl, white or clear static cling vinyl, or light tack "no adhesive residue" polypropylene, and are easily removed from any glass surface without leaving behind sticky adhesive residue. 


We can produce window cling labels to be read from one side of a window or from both sides with up to 8 colors, with optional metallic inks.

window static cling sticker decals


Promotional bumper stickers

We can provide you with considerable savings over conventional bumper sticker printing sources with our state-of-the-art, high-end flexographic label printing equipment. We produce bumper stickers utilizing laminated 4 ml vinyl label material for optimum performance and longevity.

Custom adhesive bumper stickers


Commercial Label Printing

commercial label printer, commercial labelsCommercial labels fall into a wide range of label categories and numerous industries, with many variables & environments that affect label performance.

It is our responsibility to understand the correct custom adhesive label material for your commercial label application.

Not all applications require the most indestructible label possible, so we select the most cost effective and appropriate adhesive and material combination for your specific application.

Advanced Labels can assist you by producing a winning label combination for your promotional message. Get started today and contact one of our knowledgeable customer service staff members for a label quote.



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